RAID LVM Edinburgh, Hard drive recovery Manchester and Southampton

Here are some of the latest data recovery enquiries from people with lost data in Edinburgh, Manchester and Southampton. These data recovery enquiries were submitted to Data Clinic Ltd, the UK hard drive recovery specialists.

RAID LVM Data Recovery
2 disk raid 1. Part of a 6 disk lvm (3 x 2 disk raid 1’s. 2 are h/w raid 1’s which are fine. The fault is on the s/w raid). After a power outage the h/w raids came back but not the s/w raid. Edinburgh

Dropped laptop
I dropped my laptop and I now get a ‘DST’ error message (both long and short if that makes a difference). Although I have backed up virtually all the files, I’d just finished editing a video of my daughter (a c.50min) video. Although I have the original files, it took me about 6weeks to edit so hope it can be recovered. Located in Edinburgh.

Hard drive data recovery in Manchester
I have 2 HDs that need repair. Firstly, a Seagate Backup 8TB which is not being recognised by Windows and has no no clicking sound and so cannot access data. The light comes on for 30s only but i did access data once so believe it is recoverable. Also I have a Seagate Desktop HDD 3000 GB, which is preventing the PC from loading into windows when connected and I believe is also faulty. Can you let me know your prices for repair / data transfer and if you can help. I’m based in Salford, Manchester and would require a collection.

2.5 external hard drive stopped working Southampton
I have a 2.5 external hard drive that stopped to work suddenly when I was copying some files. The hard disk drive is located in Southampton. When I plug the hard disk it blinks for a while and then it’s steady. Disk management shows it as a raw partition at the beginning, but after a few seconds it become not initialised and when I try to initialised it says ‘Disk not ready’. I tried to do the some with the command prompt and I get the same results. There isn’t any clicking sound or anything out of the ordinary. I tried to use software like stellar, or seagate recovery suite but they are not able to find any files. I removed the hard disk from the case and plugged it into a SATA connector but I have the same issue. Is it possible to recover my data? If so, what’s the cost of the service? It’s my personal data (photos, videos, etc).

iPhone and Samsung data recovery

iPhone screen gone blank
Last saturday my iphone’s screen went blank with the apple logo, and I could neither turn it on nor turn it off.
I took it to an authorized apple center to be reviewed.
They told me that when that happens there were two options: update the system or restore the cell phone but that I would lose the information.
I told them to just try updating that because I didn’t want to lose the information.
When I returned for my cell phone they told me they had bad and good news, good that the cell phone already works and bad that there was no information at all.They told me they did not restore it, they just updated the system. That the phone itself had erased the information, they think that was either due to memory damage, file management
damage or an application that won’t work properly.
That when the phone started it started without asking for apple id or passwords. This help? I really hope so. The photos and videos are the only memories I have of my mom.
I have been using my phone since that day, I do not know if that is something bad also.
Please I hope you can help, I am in México. My iphone is 128 GB and obviously I did not backup. My phone was almost full of capacity.

A device which does not exist was specified
A device which does not exist was specified” error – HDD does not show up in disk management at all, volume shown as not being initialised.

Loose connection on hard drive
Hard-drive stopped working suddenly. The hard-drive hasn’t been dropped but the connection for the Sata usb is completely loose. I would need the data recovered from the hard-drive please as at the moment I can’t connect it.

Samsung 850 SSD Data recovery
Samsung 850 bios ssd not functioning, regular desktop hard drive and was functioning fine and turned on as normal then pc wouldn’t boot. primary windows drive, drive shows up in windows explorer but no capacity available. Won’t allow through windows partition manager. Tried samsung magician will see the drive, but show it as RAW, file corruption? attempted to power cycling it over night but still no go.

Southampton data recovery from hard drives and phones

Data Clinic Ltd, the UK data recovery company have recently opened a new data recovery centre in Southampton, located at the Basepoint Centre on Anderson’s Road SO14 5FE. Here are some of the examples of work that they undertake.

Phone dipped in water
My phone wasnt directly dipped in water but it got just wet while being plugged into external battery, it stopped working and when i went to repair shop in Southampton – they said its quite damaged and quite rusty from the salt water ( sea water) . I gave up on looking more shops willing to extract my pictures and videos i stupidly didn’t backed up.
I came over your site and Im wondering if you could help me out.

External hard drive recovery in Southampton
My external WD 2T Passport has recently stopped connecting to my laptop, showing as ‘not mounted’ under the disk utility on my MacBook.
I’ve tried the first aid check which just gives an error message and and EaseUS deep scan with no luck. It had been connecting less well before – needing to be held in a certain position or the laptop turned on and off. I’ve also tried a different cable so my thoughts are it’s either a hardware issue with the connection inside the hard drive or some sort of corruption.
Do you think this is something you would be able to recover? I notice and what would the cost be?

Recover Seagate Expansion drive in Southampton
i was wondering if you could help me with my hard drive. It is a seagate expansion drive and I can access it. I work in Portsmouth but can travel into your data recovery lab at the Basepoint in Southampton every week.
About six months ago I was adding some photos to my hard drive when I accidently duplicated a large already existing file on my hard drive. This caused my computer to slow down so I decided to leave it until the next morning. However when I want to open my laptop the hard drive was not in my files.
After a while I worked out that my drive was unresponsive.
The fan in the drive still spins and the light still flashes. I can still view it in the control panel however I cannot access the files.
I was wondering if you could give me an idea of what the issue may be and how much it could potentially cost to fix it.

Data recovery from Thunderbolt hard drive

Lacie Rugged External Thunderbolt / USB-Type C. Was connected to laptop via USB Type C and worked ok, no drops or accidental removal of cable, and then after copy-paste operation from one folder to another folder with file replacement just returned an error message “The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error”. Disk was still responsible, although became very slow in depicting folder content. I have disconnected and connected again with the same error message, yet was correctly returning its name Lacie and size. Suddenly I have activated Windows Built-In diagnosis (without fix option) and then cancelled it due to long running time with no progress. The laptop also got frozen, so had to hot reboot, after that disk appears without Lacie name and does not anymore show its content and gets frozen, nor Properties display its size. Also repeating clicking sounds all the time now.


The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error
I had 4 1TB (Seagate Barracuda?) disks in a Buffalo Linkstation NAS device. It was in a RAID config that allowed one disk to fail. Unfortunately 2 disks failed the same evening & I have not been able to access it since. The faults to each disk are different, as I think one is not even spinning. I have attempted to run spinrite on them, and neither could be repaired, the one could not even be read. I do not even know what is on this as it was over a year ago since the fault. I am only after photo’s as I have been unable to locate some so assume my backup was on this.

I have an external hard drive ‘WD Elements’, that has stopped registering when I plug it into my Mac.
• it takes a while but it eventually shows up in disk utility – however I can’t access anything from there and it doesn’t always eject from there.
• I was 99% sure that the hard-drive was formatted to be used on an Apple Mac, however in disk utility the option to ‘Mount’ comes up – after some research this allows it to be readable on Mac ? Which makes me think maybe it isn’t formatted for Mac… Can you clarify this? I haven’t clicked mount incase it deleted everything on there.
I did take it to an Electronics shop, who said they think the actual disk inside is starting to breakdown as it’s spinning but ‘jumping’ or ‘stoping’ kind of thing (hope that makes some sense).
I contacted another electronic technician who feel’s it’s a specialist job.
I have been able to use the hard drive and upload loads of photos onto it in the past and don’t want to have already ruined them by plugging it into my computer and not ejecting it properly because even on disk utility I clicked eject and it didn’t always do it.. and don’t want them to be lost if the hard drive is completely broken, which I know can happen.

Data recovery services in Northampton

Data Recovery in Northampton
Seagate 3TB Drive runs and then stops – some slight clicking noise. Visible in device manager and disk management but latter only highlights 3.8 gb and say initialise. Not showing in explorer.

External USB HD which contains word, excel, visio, jpegs and avi files is failing to read any data so i cant see or open anything. It has alot of baby photos of my son on as well as all my archived work portfolio which isnt backed up to anything else. Id like to see if you can recover all of these please in Northampton?
Not fussed on the films that are on there but i know theres work files and a folder i would like to save.

I spoke to someone on the phone a couple of weeks ago about a hard drive recovery but didn’t have the hard drive in my possession at the time.
The hard drive (according to another examination/quote I’ve received) is a mechanical failure – seriously degraded head nodes and needs a transplant with donor drive.
The drive is a 500GB Toshiba HDD (can provide serial no. etc if needed) from a 2011 MacBook Pro so OS is Mac OS X (~ OS X Mavericks, the HDD hasn’t been used in over 5 years). I’m looking for a data recovery service in Northampton.

I received a quote on the phone for if the above info re: mechanical failure is correct, please could I confirm what the amount would be including VAT?
I’d also like to confirm if it would be possible for you to order a specific HDD (e.g. from Amazon) for me to put the data onto and add the cost of this on to the invoice?

iPhone recovery in Northampton
iPhone 6 stuck on start screen with Apple logo. All conventional recovery techniques have failed. I suspect either motherboard failure or software glitch. I would like to pay someone simply for data recovery – no need to completely restore the phone, only enough for data recovery to work (this one has been repaired numerous times and after 5 years I’m happy for it to go to heaven). As flash drive and motherboard are welded onto another, I honestly can’t be bothered to do this myself. I live in Kettering but and happy to drive to Northampton if it helps. Please could you provide information as to how long it would take and how much it will cost? Happy to wait a bit longer if that makes it cheaper.

Hard Drive Disconnects

Hard drive is almost dead and has suffered mechanical failure. It opens but soon disconnects, is slow, makes a noise and I am unable to transfer my files over to my laptop. I need to know if you are able to recover all files (not just a few) before it completely dies as some of my pictures are on there that I don’t have a backup for. Also it is still under warranty until Mid november so ideally need it done asap before that so I can then return it to get a new one. But I won’t send it back with my files still on it. Do you provide a data recovery service that rescues files from a WD drive that disconnects?

WD My Passport external hard drive – this has stopped working in that when I plug it into my laptop it doesn’t let me look at anything saved on the drive- it just disconnects and doesn’t even show the folders or that there is anything on it. I would hugely appreciate some help with this but don’t have a car. I see that you do collection from some areas – I live in Chorlton in South Manchester, do you collect from here?

Troubleshoot disconnecting hard drives
Hard drives that disconnect intermittently usually have some sort of internal problem. It is not a software or filesystem issue.
First of all, change the data cable and see if that makes a difference. If your drive has a separate power connector you might want to check that too for the sake completeness but be careful not to use an power adapter that has different voltage settings or you’ll blow the hard drive electronics.
A disconnecting hard drive may also have a firmware problem. Firmware is the programming that runs the hard drive and this can sometimes become corrupted. Reprogramming the firmware will usually work but this is not something you can do yourself, neither can the likes of PC World, you will need to get this done by a professional data recovery company. See my earlier blog post

Phone data recovery in Leicester

In this post I answer the questions from a couple of people in the Leicester area who require a data recovery service. I use Data Clinic Leicester and you can find their details at

LeicesterI have a Samsung s6 Edge Leicester
Had the phone for 5 years and it just came up with ‘black screen of death’. Sent it in for a local repair shop in Leicester and was told since the blue light was blinking the issue was screen as it has a crack. I just wanted to get the data off the phone and I bought a new one and was told I could clone it. However, as the repair shop owner attempted to change the screen to get into the phone he found the screen was actually working so he said the problem is the motherboard. So that brings me here, I just need the motherboard repaired in Leicester so I can access it and retrieve files. As a Security consultant I have some data breach files on the phone I need to retrieve from a recovery clinic. My question is, are you able to retrieve the data on the memory chip? I sent the phone in for repair at Gadgetrehab which are level 3 but they said they couldn’t do anything and recommended your services.

iPhone vertical lines
Phone began to show vertical grey lines across the screen and trying to select the correct option from the touchscreen became very difficult. When touching the touch screen the phone would often select something completely different as to what i actually wanted to select. I then dropped the phone and the screen doesn’t do or display anything at all. When connected to a computer the phone makes noises but thats all that happens. I had my iCloud settings set to not allow back up of my photos. I wish to get the photos and videos recovered from this phone. i’ll be replacing the phone so i wouldn’t need the phone repairing.

Data Clinic don’t just recover the data from mobile phones, they are also experts in recovering data from unresponsive hard drives and computers too.

Hard drives not responding and Xiaomi phone recovery

Seagate hard drive not mounting

My old Seagate 1TB external hard drive has stopped mounting to the OS.
Connecting to my Mac, the drive spins up, beeps loudly for 30-60 seconds, then powers down. Prior to this, it used to mount to the OS, but with a slow copy speed – presuming a power issue. It hasn’t been used for quite some time, so it might also be that.
What do you estimate recovery cost would be for a drive of this condition and capacity?

Seagate GoFlex NAS external hard drive has started beeping and the data on it is no longer visible from my Mac. Is this something you can help with and what is likely cost? I have a Seagate external drive and I dropped it, it’s flashing it’s blue light, making a bleeping sound every second. It’s a work hard drive and is in Bury, Manchester. Looking to get the files off it it, it’s 2tb but imagine the data is around 1tb. I can send another HD with it to put the data on if that would save costs.

A 4T external (Seagate Passport) USB disk has failed. It wasn’t dropped. No weird noises or anything, motor still operates, but disk is not accessible under either Windows (disk never shows up) or Linux Mint (disk does show up, but no files visible).
Failure occurred while copying 500G across (under Windows) from another disk.
Please let me know how to get it to you. I used to drop defective disks off in Glasgow, but I think I am now forced to use the post as Glasgow’s not handy anymore.

Xiaomi recover data

Hello, my phone xiaomi mi a3 is broken. It!s still turning off and on constantly. I was already in different service but they told me if they will fix it my data gonna be gone.
So I would like to know if it is possible to recover my data. I live in Manchester

USB stick not recognised

The PC does not recognise the USB stick, so I cannot have access to the USB files. The USB itself is intact. I tried it on different PCs, but I still could not have access to the files. It makes the characteristic sound when you fit the USB into the PC, but, nothing after that. Is there a way to retrieve the files from the USB? I would appreciate your help.

Data Recovery: WD Elements and Seagate Hard Drives

WD Elements Data Recovery

I have a WD Elements 2TB external hd that just stopped working. I opened it since I saw in some vlogs that my PCB might be broken, and so it is by the part where you insert the cord.
WD Element 2TB
Can it still be fixed? Can I just a new WD Elements 2TB and replaced the broken one?
Is there any way that could recover my files (pics and videos).
How much would it be and what to do if ever?

WD Elements hard drive

I have a WD My Passport External Hard Drive on which I transferred a lot of photos and files on to a while ago from my Desktop PC. Recently I tried to access the Hard Drive via my Laptop but nothing happens. All I get is a whirring sound from the External Drive together with a loud “clicking” noise. I am based in Kent and I would like to access the files and photos and was wondering whether you would be able to investigate the problem with my External Drive.

Seagate 2TB HDD recovery

I have a Seagate 2TB HDD (Seagate ST2000DM001) that suddenty stopped working one day to the next.
The symptoms are, starts spinning up on PC boot, 2 clicks, then stops spinning and doesn’t resume.
HDD not visible in bios or device manager. I’m located in Reading near Kent.
Data is important to me so would like to enquire on possibility of recovery.
Most important is my Pictures folder with years of travel snaps.
A folder called Cordova in Documents which is my work webdev folder for apps
and a folder called Creative Animal in Documents with all my company work sources files.


I have a solid-state hard disk drive which is no longer functioning. It is a Samsung PM851 mSATA 256 GB. I think there may be some physical defect preventing correct operation, is this the sort of thing that you would be able to deal with? I would be interested in receiving a list of directories and files found to see what can be recovered.

Lost photos

I lost all my photos, years of memories everything was on the computer. I had a repairman look at it he fixed the computer and put a new hard drive in but he said he was unable to fix it however a specialist might be able to. Obviously there’s thousands of photos on the hard drive so I don’t know if they will all be there. I have no idea how it broke. Something my little brother did, but it lost a everything. The hard drive is out of the computer and ready to be seen by a specialist.

SSD data recovery

Crucial M500 SSD data recovery

I have a crucial M500 SSD which is not being recognised in the bios anymore. Is it possible to get a fixed price for the repair / recovery? The hard drive is not mounting, looking to recover data

Data recovery Alienware laptop

Mechanical failure in 1tb SSD in Alienware laptop, need mainly image, video and text files needed.
I plugged a Toshiba laptop charger (output 19V) by mistake into my (12 VDC/2.0 A) Seagate external hard drive (9BD862-561). Now I get a green flashing light on it and it won’t work. Can you help?
suffered a hard knock, drive is removed from laptop

Seagate SSD with some sort of failure. Requires to be open for data recovery.
My pc can not recognise my hard drive. I’ve got about 800gb stored on it.
Hard drive connection on Verbatim Store n Go is damaged where lead connects. Files cannot be read anymore, need data recovering.

SSD hard drive recovery

WD SSD Hard Drive beeping and not recognised

I would like to know how much would you charge me for recovering my data from my Western Digital SSD Elements external hard drive?
The power supply was lost, so I bought a replacement one and have seen flashing diode but not constant as it used to be and disc was trying to switch on by making noise but suddenly stopped. I plugged it in again and there is no even flashing diode and drive is not making noise, not trying to power on. I am not sure what happened. Maybe the replacement cable is the right voltage. I have 100-240V 0.7A max 12V power adapter but there is another power adapter on market such as 12v 180-240V 8A. Do you think it matters a lot? If possible I would like you to recovery the data from the hard drive and put it onto an SSD.

SSD not recognised in the bios

I have a Macbook Pro with touch bar & SSD, think its 2018 model but only had 4 weeks. Was using fine for work, had low battery, closed lid, had my lunch break then plugged in charger, made charger connecting noise but screen wouldn’t come on. Took to Apple, they tried new display, didn’t work. Next step is replacing logic board but been told data migration is 50/50 so I would like to know if you would be able to save my data, have all my photos ever on there as well as use it for work.