Dropped Nokia Windows Phones

I recently dropped my Nokia phone onto the floor at my local pub. After I picked the phone up I was rather dismayed to find the screen was broken. That was the least of my problems though because my phone would no longer switch on. At the time I thought the impact of the fall had caused the battery to empty so decided when I got back home I needed to charge the phone and everything would switch back on again.

Nokia Windows phonesWhen I finally got home and plugged my phone into the charger I noticed that the charging light on my phone didn’t come on. Now I was starting to worry – had the fall actually broken my phone rather than just drained my battery? I went to bed early that night and had a rather disturbed night. In the morning I resolved to find out if my phone was truly damaged and if it was, discover what I could do about it.

In the morning I got up early and went along to my local Nokia distributor who took a look at my phone and disappeared into the back room. He came back out less that a minute later with a glum look on his face. “I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can go, the phone is broken beyond repair”. What? I thought! How was this possible? He went on to explain that the fall had damaged the phone so badly that it would no longer switch on and also wouldn’t charge. That’s when it dawned on me that I had a tremendous amount of data on my phone. Names and addresses, emails, chats and conversations, photos and movies !! What was I going to do?

I asked the Nokia man who suggested that I used a data recovery service to see if they could repair my phone and restore my data. I asked him if he was sure because surely my phone would have to work for data recovery to work. He told this was not the case and pointed my to this web page http://bit.ly/1OvZzZj. On this site were described techniques that enabled skilled engineers to get at my data by taking the chips off the main board (Chip off) and by attaching circuitry to the phone’s main board (JTAG).

I thanked him for his help and decided to head off to an internet cafe and mull over my options.

The first thing I decided to do was to phone the Data Clinic up and speak to one of their Nokia experts to see what they suggested could be done with my dropped phone. I spoke to Data Clinic’s London office who told me that they should be able to retrieve the information from my phone and asked whether I was able to drop the phone in. I finished my coffee, and headed off to see them.

Examination showed that my main board on my phone was been broken by the impact when I dropped my phone. It was therefore only possible to use their “chip off” technique which would in effect perform a data dump from the memory chip which they would then be able to reconstruct the data such as videos, photos, text messages and everything else. As I needed my data back I agreed to this and was asked to come back several hours later. When I arrived I was pleased to learn that my data had successfully been downloaded from my Nokia’s memory chip and reconstituted into files and folders. This data was returned to me on a memory stick.

I’m very pleased to have my phone’s data recovered and I now need a new phone to put it on!

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