Mac Data Recovery

My main hard drive, that I use as a backup drive is giving me problems, very slow to access and incomplete data. Attempted install of Mac OS El Capitan on our iMac which seems to have initiated a repair error on the Macintosh HD. Unfortunately we have not backed up for a while there so there is data that we could lose. We have a new external HD and have tried an image with no luck. We need an expert!! It is not a great deal of data and I can see the structure in the disk utility but just can’t get to the data.

I can fix most hard drive problems myself but they all rely on one particular thing: the hard drive continues to spin. When the hard drive spins it means it can communicate with the computer and there software programs can still interact with the hard drive and talk to it. When the hard drive is not spinning the computer can no longer recognise it and this is where my skill ends. But all is not lost, I can no longer help you but I know a service that can – Datlabs Data Recovery in the UK ( provide the services of data recovery from hard drives that aren’t speaking to their computers any longer. Try them for data recovery, they will be able to help.

WDC HDD Recovery

I dropped my WDC 1T external hard drive and now my computer no longer recognizes it. The drive still powers on and I can hear/feel it whirring. I am based in London and need to recover the data ASAP. Hard Drive is making a clicking sound is not detected in bios.

As you are in London my advice is to go straight to this post on Data Replay Services – which recommends local data recovery services throughout the UK. Data Replay Services is a niche blog site that concentrates on hard disk troublehshooting, computer forensics and the like.

External Hard Drive Recovery

My external hard drive has stopped working it make noise when it is connected but my computer does not detect it. It is only detected in device manager but can’t see any data or save any data on it. Please help me recover the data.

I can help retrieve the files from this one because the external hard drive is still spinning (see above). My advice for the time being is to disconnect the drive and power it down. It’s not common knowledge but nothing bad can happen to a hard drive when it’s switched off (unless it’s dropped of course). No data is written and the mechanical and electronic circuits are not powered on so no harm can come to them also.

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