Hard Disk Imaging Trouble on Samsung CCTV

A question from a visitor to the web site >>
“My problem is: I took out the original HDD from samsung SVR-950E and used clonezila to external disk but when I put back the original HDD inside the SVR cannot detect the drive.
I know the files are inside! It’s not formated or something was written to it!!!! I think the partition headers are lost or the headers of the files. I immediately turned off the SVR and the original drive is not powered! So is there any possible way to recover the files, the videos from the original drive, i am in greater manchester and this is urgent!!”

Samsung SVR-950E

Looking at the Clonezilla web site, it’s very unlikely that this software would be the cause of your problem. The software is open source and free to use. If is were not good at it’s job it would soon disappear under a pile bad reviews. However, perhaps you have a hacked version of Clonezilla? Did you download it from a reputable source? (For other’s reading this, it’s important that you download open source software from reputable sources, as hackers will target open source software and add malicious code to it and then upload it to no-so-reputable servers to be downloaded and spread).

I have a fair amount of experience with Samsung SVR / DVR’s in general and it could be that the problem was caused when you removed the SVR-950E from the CCTV system. Incorrect removal or insertion of hard drives into these systems can cause a flag to be set that fools the Samsung recorder into thinking that a new drive has been inserted into the system. This causes the hard drive to be initialised as a new disk and is achieved by writing a data block to the hard drive.

Of course, this might not the problem. You write to that “the SVR cannot detect the drive”. It could be therefore, that some sort of electrical or mechanical fault has happened to the drive.

You don’t write that the drive is ticking or making a beeping noises though which is a good indication that the hard drive does NOT have a serious problem. It probably is possible to get the data from the drive therefore. The first stage is to correctly identify the problem and then take action to solve and fix the problem. Once completed successfully the data should be recoverable quite easily. There are not many high quality data recovery companies in the UK, particularly ones that are familiar with CCTV and Samsung equipment, most are mentioned on the http://24hourcomputerrepairs.com/ microblog, a niche site that concentrates many of it’s articles on hard drive recovery (including CCTV). The blog is also UK focused which is good as I notice you are located in Greater Manchester.

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