Confusion with the Deep Web and the Dark Internet

The Deep Web is completely different from the Dark Web. The Deep Web refers to the pages not accessible by the search engines. The Dark Web pages fall under this category. Hence, the Dark Web is one part of the Deep Web. You should know that the work intranet service you use at office requires a password for its access. It is part of the Deep Web. Similarly, when you use a bank account online, it is part of the deep web.
The Dark Internet is the place where scientists store their raw data for research. You should not confuse the Dark Internet and the Dark Web. They are two different terminologies.

How do you access the Dark Web?
You will be surprised to know that it is not very difficult to access the Dark Web. You have to install Tor on your computer. You can simply go to and download the Tor browser. Using the normal procedure, you can install the Tor browser and start browsing. You can come out by just closing the Tor browser.
Installing Tor and starting the browser is the easiest part. The difficult part is to know where to look for the websites. You should remember that once you get into the Dark Web, you would be able to access the dark websites. You could just be a click away for sites doing nefarious business such as drugs, terrorism, money laundering, and other unlawful activities. You will also be under watch. You never know who is prying over your shoulder. You should remember this is uncharted territory. You have to be careful by switching off your web cam.
In case you are an inquisitive person, you can watch the dark website if you wish.

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