Whirring Clicky Hard Drive

Question: I dropped my external harddrive and it is now making a whirring clicky sound and I can’t access the data on it (see an example video at https://youtu.be/_4Due_-8J4o). I can see the folders but some are empty. when I try and drag the folders off it says it can’t work and then crashes and the harddrive disappears from the side menu. It’s got absolutely everything of importance to me on it so I’m desperate to fix it! Please could you let me know a quote for hopefully retrieving the files off it? Thanks!

Answer: This is an interesting one, because the symptoms describe a mechanical fault – the clicking whirring sounds tell me that the heads of the hard drive no longer work, but surprisingly your hard drive is still working insomuch as Windows can still ‘see’ and communicate with the hard drive. So in this rare case, I’d say that the problem with your hard drive is either a weak head and/or bad sectors on the disk.

Tackling a hard drive with a weak head in order to extract the data is a difficult task and certainly not one for an IT department. Instead you really need a skilled data recovery company to extract the data for you. Because your hard drive is obviously in a very bad way, tackling the recovery of data needs to be exact, precise and handled correctly. The internet is full of data recovery horror stories (see http://blog.envisionitsolutions.com/six-horror-stories-of-data-loss), so let’s do everything we can to avoid this type of incident happening to you.

Choose a decent data recovery company to retrieve your data. How do you choose a data recovery company? Speak to friends and colleagues, go online and see what’s available and what others say about them. Treat reviews with a pinch of salt as they are not always accurate.

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