I Want To Recover Data !

I would like recover data from two external – portable hard drives. I’ve opened them both but have damaged read/write heads and they not working – motors working but not showing anything on the PC. Could you let me know how much i have to pay – don’t need to fix drives – only recover data – one of them is 1TB and second 500gb. Im from Leeds.

My hard drive start make strange noise click of death i think this disk need to replace head. I try on my own to replace this with the same model etc but i failed plattern are in good condition can you swap head for me? I can recovery later with programs.

The external hard drive fell out on my bag onto the pavement. The case is still intact and there is nothing rattling around inside. However, the computer won’t identify when connected and it clicks.
Can you please provide a quote for recovering the data by next week?

The hard disk was not detected in the pc . It starts, then clicks and then stops. Please can you help. The 500GB HDD in my MacBook Pro (2009) has failed. I need to copy all data that can be retrieved. Could you pls send me a quote.

native_stopping_menuWe bought a new 2TB WD external drive at the beginning of august and formatted it for Mac. All of a sudden it stopped working. It spins when plugged in then stops, a click can be heard for a few times. After a few minutes the light starts flashing very slowly. According to WD it might be a power issue and the drive could be “sleeping”. When plugged to a PC, the system prompts the drive installation and the “safe removal” icon is available, but, being formatted for Mac, we can’t obviously access it.

I have a Seagate 1TB external hard drive that has been used exclusively with Apple Macs. It has recently stopped working. It was checked by an ICT technician friend who connected it to an external drive dock to see if the drive would be registered – no success. I also took it to the Apple Store to see if they could do anything – again, no success. They suspect that the drive architecture is still ok but the drive electronics may be at fault – when the drive is connected, the led indicator light flashes but there is no drive sound. Could you provide me with a quote to check/repair the drive & hopefully rescue the data?

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