Data Recovery Tips

Data Recovery Tips
Have you ever lost data and needed to get it back? This excellent data recovery tips site explains ho to do just that! Here are some typical enquiries.

Hard drive failed after trying to copy a large amount of data on to my laptop. Error message ‘USB device not recognised, may have malfunctioned‘ seen. Most common fixes to eliminate the possibility of some other cause of this error message tried.

Transcend storejet 3tb external hard drive running on macbook pro. Data is still on hard disk and can be accessed but read and write speed has become very slow such that I can now not work with this data. I need to back it up onto abother external drive before this one stops working for good. When I try to copy the data onto another drive the transfer speed is too slow and I am getting ‘error 36’ messages on my mac.

Deleted a Time machine backup from my Synology NAS that uses Synology Hybrid Raid with one disk fault tolerance. I now realise that the time machine backup may have contained photo’s that did not restore to my iMac… If possible I would like to restore the Sparsebundle so I can check it for the photo’s.

i can connect it to the computer and software are being installed but i cannot get access to the data

All of the files (including crucial files for my dissertation) on my USB drive have disappeared. I visited the IT Services at my University (Oxford Brookes) who have tried testdisk and Photorec in Linux but it does not find any useful data. The file and folder names, and contents of files on the stick are in gibberish. I have been using the USB drive in my Macbook pro (2011) and on PC’s at University, it is an oldish USB drive that i received for free from the University when i started 3 years ago. I am unsure if my Macbook may be the problem due to its age and experiencing file and saving problems when using Microsoft Word on it in the past. It would be so helpful to have the files recovered as i am now extremely behind with my dissertation. How much would recovery of these files cost? And is recovery Guaranteed?

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