Data Recovery Help

The USB connector on my harddrive has broken away. There is also a possible read/write head issue. 2gb drive I need data recovered on behalf of a client of mine. I have all the footage for a short film on an external drive. My files wont show up when the drive mounts but the size left on the drive for storage shows the data is there

External drive suddenly stopped working. When it is connected to a computer it makes a start up noise but the computer does not recognise the device. I have my mate’s Samsung HD502HI 500GB hard drive, she said it was dropped and it will not switch on. We took it to a PC repair shop which was unable to power it up and indeed as soon as it was connected to his PC, he said it switched his computer off. She has wedding photos and videos on the drive.

I have a WD Elements 512GB external hard drive. A month or two back, I was transferring around 150GB files from a separate External HDD to my Elements external HDD (literally drag and drop from one drive to another on my Win 10 laptop) and the process paused around half way through. I tried cancelling the transfer, but it would not cancel.
I then attempted to shut down my laptop, but it would not shut down until the now “frozen” file transfer had completed. Since the file transfer had frozen, I then pulled the external Elements HDD connector out of the USB port, and switched off my laptop. On restarting the laptop, I plugged the Elements drive back into the USB port and the laptop would no longer recognise it (though it knows something is plugged in) and file recovery software shows the drive has “0 bytes” of storage. No drive appears in “Computer”, thus it is no longer accessible. I cannot get any of my laptops to recognise the drive/access the files, and attempting to initiate the drive from Disk Management (Windows 10), shows the drive does exist, but an error message prompt explains the drive has suffered an “IO error”.
There is around 300-350GB of data on the drive, though difficult to know exactly as I was transferring around 150GB of data to it. So it may only have around 150-250GB of data, depending on how much data was saved to the drive before the above error occurred.
On the basis of the above and your experience recovering data, does the fault with my external WD Elements drive have a good chance of data recovery should I proceed with your services?

I dropped my works laptop and now the hard drive is clicking and the laptop wont power up and says no bootable devices available. Is this some thing you guys think you could fix? Can you please email me with a quote.

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