Drink Spilt on Laptop – Help

spilt drink on laptop need data recoveryI spilled a can of fizzy drinks on my laptop earlier today, my screen turned of and my laptop made a bussing noise so I quickly turned it off but didn’t remove the battery. About an hour later I took out the hard disk and the battery, the hard disk was wet so I wiped it down gently and put it aside to dry. I then turned my laptop upside down. A few hours later, I attempted to turn on my laptop. The laptop turns on, the power light and ventilation switch on , and the disc slot makes an occasional clicking sound, apart from this there is no noise and the screen does not turn on. I am worried that my hard disk is either stuck or fried. I really don’t want to lose the files on my hard disc, can you help ?

I have a pretty damaged micro sd card with an adaptar with some videos i have made on my honeymoon that i do not want to lose at all.
would you be able to have a look at this one?
how much it usually cost?
do i need to book? the closest to me would be chiswick

I have a sandisk USB 8gb flash drive which I used to store documents on for our local volunteer club as well as my own personal spreadsheets and letters etc.
I had asked another company to look at it but they couldn’t recover anything, looks like it’s been knocked whilst plugged into main pc and now shows as unrecognised item. would you be able to find a way to get back my files?
I can be best reached by email. As am in my work between 10-6pm and mobiles not welcome there.

Whenever water or a drink is spilt on a laptop it is usually spells trouble of an electrical fault on the hard drive. How easy is it to recover data from spillages on computer hard drives? The answer is easier that it is to recover data from mechanical faults. Find yourself a data recovery company – they will be able to help. How do you find a data recovery company? just look through the pages of this blog 🙂

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