Can you help?

I accidentally unplugged data or power cable while PC was on. Discrete clinking sound since, PC won’t see it anymore.

I had troubles with a hdd from a dvr, now I get recovered files on format vp6. I need a tool to view those files.
Could you help me with this issue?

I can access data but it will not transfer, I want all of the data on a new hard drive?

I have a broken hard drive from a iMac. I live in Norway and I considering traveling to London for fixing my disk and get my pictures back. Is it possible and whats the prices?

Dropped my 1tb Seagate external hard drive about 1ft ,you can here it spinning inside but wont load up , would this be able to be fixed ?I am offshore at present so can only be reached by email.

The portable drive is powering up and the HD is spinning but the PC is not recognising the device through the USB.

The computer does not recognize the external disk, it does not appear on the control panel. The disc light stays on. Sounds of clicks, or of the needle. Can you tell me how much this repair can cost? I’m desperate because i have very important photos

Light comes on, disk spins but the computer doesn’t recongise the drive. It use to be temperamental with the actual micro drive port, a quick wiggle and it would work. Now it tries to work but to no avail.

My harddrive suddenly stopped working. When I plug it in to my macbook I hear these faint tiny beeps, that roughly go on for 11 times, then it goes quiet with no movement. The light stays on but that is about it. When it comes to plugging it into PC, the device can be ejected but doesnt come up, and the same symptoms as on the macbook occur

I have MY PASSPORT 500GB and I think it’s damaged due to fall and I can’t access my data now. Will it be possible to recover data out of it? How can I send it to you. I live in Chelmsford, Essex.

Hard drive is a WD My Passport for Mac 1TB. It has been dropped and my computer is no longer recognising it. It does make a whirring noise and lights come on.. just not able to be read. I presume that once you receive the hard drive you will then give me a quote for data recovery? I also need to know if and T&C’s for the data being recovered.

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