Devmgmt and Diskmgmt files – data recovery

Hard drives are showing as powered, and can feel a vibration as if the disks are spinning.
fails to appear on devmgmt.msc & diskmgmt.msc

devmgmt file (windows)Seagate hard drive dropped no longer working. Has important student work on it. It clicks when plugged in.

I have 3 hard drives which I need downloading to access photos/videos etc.
Are you able to give me an approximate starting price please.

Power cut during data transfer, Hardrive has gone into RAW format. I’ve used free software to do a deep scan but when I’ve gone to recover data, the files come back in parts or corrupted. The external hard drive that has failed I’d a 2TB WD Passport. When transferring the data i had cut instrad of copied, I just wanted to enquire if you would be able to get all the data back in working condition. The files include documemts/pictures/vidoes/basic programs and software.

Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive 2T stopped working,can’t any signal from it and the blue flashing light is not showing up. No recollection of dropping it. Not showing up in the devmgmt.msc file.

I have installed windows onto my Mac and now all of the photos, documents etc that were saved on my computer have gone. I have checked my iCloud and my iCloud library is empty and I have no other back up. I was wondering whether it was likely that any of the data is recoverable and, if so, what this is likely to cost?

I dropped my external hard drive and other companies say they can’t retrieve the data as you need a clean room

Consultant. Left project with my laptop. However, to keep with project security requirements, CP FDE was enforced and agreed to. Unfortunately, I have these two laptops that are CP FDE’d and haven’t gotten any recovery media, and as my usual luck would have it, no documentation with passwords. Any help or insight on this would be greatly appreciated. Both laptops are Dell’s. Hard drive not appearing is devmgmt.

WD My Passport Ultra beeps by 7 times, then 3 times and 3 times when connected, after it had dropped from a metre.

My seagate 1tb external hard drive stopped showing up on my windows 10 lenovo ideapad laptop

Hard drive doesn’t appear in the bios and no computer can locate it, not even devmgmt or diskmgmt display them as working, it is a 60GB HDD which was failing as it did a disk check every time you booted the laptop

My portable hard disc is not recognized in any computer device. but I understand that it is functioning i remember the problem is one day I remove the portable hard disc at once without using the the safe mode.

I have just put together my new Desktop PC and connected my old HDD which was working fine on the previous set up and when I switch on the PC it starts to make clicking noise for about 10-15 seconds after which no noise and it doesn’t get recognised in Windows or BIOS. Could you help with what is causing the problem and if it can be fixed as i have valuable information on the hard drive?

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