Hard Drive File Recovery

old_logoThe following are enquiries for recovering the files from hard drives that are not working properly anymore. Thanks to Datlabs Data Recovery for the enquiries.

I have a Seagate Backup Plus 5 TB external Hardrive that stopped working, making a clicking /buzzing sound. The data on it isn’t critical but I would like toe recovery it if it’s not too expensive.

We have been having problems with my laptop over heating. Recently my husband attempted to burn a disc unsuccessfully. The computer simply shut down and down we are not able to boot up. My IT colleague at work took a look at it, and he thinks it sounds like the platters are stuck. How much would I be looking at to get my data recovered? It is just general personal files and photographs.

Needs quotation about data recovery from Laptop Hard drive.
My wife has some old files stored on an old hard drive, which she can no longer access. Is this the sort of thing you can retrieve and copy to a usb stick or similar?

I would like to know if possible to recover some deleted/lost videos between 2014 and 2017. The laptop is an old Toshiba model, purchased in 2012.

I have a 1TB Western Digital portable hard drive that’s not being recognized by my computer. I think it may be encrypted, not sure.

I have an old external HDD that a friend tried to fix.. I know‍ it had some photos that I would love back I know it would be a miracle bit could you please take a look. I know he opened it up.

Hard drive with minor scratch on one platter. Need any and all attempts to recover any information on the drive.

USB drive has been severely damaged. The internal motherboard is almost completely snapped.
Showing up but not letting me access any data

Wd green. 1tb. The head goes to the middle, judders, then goes back to the edge. This is essential I get this recovered. 😦
Hi I have a wd passport 500gb not working was making a clicking noise so I gave it to someone to fix but they said they couldn’t fix it was hoping you could maybe help me out ?

I dropped by external drive (Passport) and now I can’t access to the drive.


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