Hard drives not responding and Xiaomi phone recovery

Seagate hard drive not mounting

My old Seagate 1TB external hard drive has stopped mounting to the OS.
Connecting to my Mac, the drive spins up, beeps loudly for 30-60 seconds, then powers down. Prior to this, it used to mount to the OS, but with a slow copy speed – presuming a power issue. It hasn’t been used for quite some time, so it might also be that.
What do you estimate recovery cost would be for a drive of this condition and capacity?

Seagate GoFlex NAS external hard drive has started beeping and the data on it is no longer visible from my Mac. Is this something you can help with and what is likely cost? I have a Seagate external drive and I dropped it, it’s flashing it’s blue light, making a bleeping sound every second. It’s a work hard drive and is in Bury, Manchester. Looking to get the files off it it, it’s 2tb but imagine the data is around 1tb. I can send another HD with it to put the data on if that would save costs.

A 4T external (Seagate Passport) USB disk has failed. It wasn’t dropped. No weird noises or anything, motor still operates, but disk is not accessible under either Windows (disk never shows up) or Linux Mint (disk does show up, but no files visible).
Failure occurred while copying 500G across (under Windows) from another disk.
Please let me know how to get it to you. I used to drop defective disks off in Glasgow, but I think I am now forced to use the post as Glasgow’s not handy anymore.

Xiaomi recover data

Hello, my phone xiaomi mi a3 is broken. It!s still turning off and on constantly. I was already in different service but they told me if they will fix it my data gonna be gone.
So I would like to know if it is possible to recover my data. I live in Manchester

USB stick not recognised

The PC does not recognise the USB stick, so I cannot have access to the USB files. The USB itself is intact. I tried it on different PCs, but I still could not have access to the files. It makes the characteristic sound when you fit the USB into the PC, but, nothing after that. Is there a way to retrieve the files from the USB? I would appreciate your help.

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