Hard Drive Disconnects

Hard drive is almost dead and has suffered mechanical failure. It opens but soon disconnects, is slow, makes a noise and I am unable to transfer my files over to my laptop. I need to know if you are able to recover all files (not just a few) before it completely dies as some of my pictures are on there that I don’t have a backup for. Also it is still under warranty until Mid november so ideally need it done asap before that so I can then return it to get a new one. But I won’t send it back with my files still on it. Do you provide a data recovery service that rescues files from a WD drive that disconnects?

WD My Passport external hard drive – this has stopped working in that when I plug it into my laptop it doesn’t let me look at anything saved on the drive- it just disconnects and doesn’t even show the folders or that there is anything on it. I would hugely appreciate some help with this but don’t have a car. I see that you do collection from some areas – I live in Chorlton in South Manchester, do you collect from here?

Troubleshoot disconnecting hard drives
Hard drives that disconnect intermittently usually have some sort of internal problem. It is not a software or filesystem issue.
First of all, change the data cable and see if that makes a difference. If your drive has a separate power connector you might want to check that too for the sake completeness but be careful not to use an power adapter that has different voltage settings or you’ll blow the hard drive electronics.
A disconnecting hard drive may also have a firmware problem. Firmware is the programming that runs the hard drive and this can sometimes become corrupted. Reprogramming the firmware will usually work but this is not something you can do yourself, neither can the likes of PC World, you will need to get this done by a professional data recovery company. See my earlier blog post https://harddriveman.com/2020/09/10/phone-data-recovery-in-leicester/


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