Data recovery from Thunderbolt hard drive

Lacie Rugged External Thunderbolt / USB-Type C. Was connected to laptop via USB Type C and worked ok, no drops or accidental removal of cable, and then after copy-paste operation from one folder to another folder with file replacement just returned an error message “The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error”. Disk was still responsible, although became very slow in depicting folder content. I have disconnected and connected again with the same error message, yet was correctly returning its name Lacie and size. Suddenly I have activated Windows Built-In diagnosis (without fix option) and then cancelled it due to long running time with no progress. The laptop also got frozen, so had to hot reboot, after that disk appears without Lacie name and does not anymore show its content and gets frozen, nor Properties display its size. Also repeating clicking sounds all the time now.


The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error
I had 4 1TB (Seagate Barracuda?) disks in a Buffalo Linkstation NAS device. It was in a RAID config that allowed one disk to fail. Unfortunately 2 disks failed the same evening & I have not been able to access it since. The faults to each disk are different, as I think one is not even spinning. I have attempted to run spinrite on them, and neither could be repaired, the one could not even be read. I do not even know what is on this as it was over a year ago since the fault. I am only after photo’s as I have been unable to locate some so assume my backup was on this.

I have an external hard drive ‘WD Elements’, that has stopped registering when I plug it into my Mac.
• it takes a while but it eventually shows up in disk utility – however I can’t access anything from there and it doesn’t always eject from there.
• I was 99% sure that the hard-drive was formatted to be used on an Apple Mac, however in disk utility the option to ‘Mount’ comes up – after some research this allows it to be readable on Mac ? Which makes me think maybe it isn’t formatted for Mac… Can you clarify this? I haven’t clicked mount incase it deleted everything on there.
I did take it to an Electronics shop, who said they think the actual disk inside is starting to breakdown as it’s spinning but ‘jumping’ or ‘stoping’ kind of thing (hope that makes some sense).
I contacted another electronic technician who feel’s it’s a specialist job.
I have been able to use the hard drive and upload loads of photos onto it in the past and don’t want to have already ruined them by plugging it into my computer and not ejecting it properly because even on disk utility I clicked eject and it didn’t always do it.. and don’t want them to be lost if the hard drive is completely broken, which I know can happen.


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