Southampton data recovery from hard drives and phones

Data Clinic Ltd, the UK data recovery company have recently opened a new data recovery centre in Southampton, located at the Basepoint Centre on Anderson’s Road SO14 5FE. Here are some of the examples of work that they undertake.

Phone dipped in water
My phone wasnt directly dipped in water but it got just wet while being plugged into external battery, it stopped working and when i went to repair shop in Southampton – they said its quite damaged and quite rusty from the salt water ( sea water) . I gave up on looking more shops willing to extract my pictures and videos i stupidly didn’t backed up.
I came over your site and Im wondering if you could help me out.

External hard drive recovery in Southampton
My external WD 2T Passport has recently stopped connecting to my laptop, showing as ‘not mounted’ under the disk utility on my MacBook.
I’ve tried the first aid check which just gives an error message and and EaseUS deep scan with no luck. It had been connecting less well before – needing to be held in a certain position or the laptop turned on and off. I’ve also tried a different cable so my thoughts are it’s either a hardware issue with the connection inside the hard drive or some sort of corruption.
Do you think this is something you would be able to recover? I notice and what would the cost be?

Recover Seagate Expansion drive in Southampton
i was wondering if you could help me with my hard drive. It is a seagate expansion drive and I can access it. I work in Portsmouth but can travel into your data recovery lab at the Basepoint in Southampton every week.
About six months ago I was adding some photos to my hard drive when I accidently duplicated a large already existing file on my hard drive. This caused my computer to slow down so I decided to leave it until the next morning. However when I want to open my laptop the hard drive was not in my files.
After a while I worked out that my drive was unresponsive.
The fan in the drive still spins and the light still flashes. I can still view it in the control panel however I cannot access the files.
I was wondering if you could give me an idea of what the issue may be and how much it could potentially cost to fix it.


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