iPhone and Samsung data recovery

iPhone screen gone blank
Last saturday my iphone’s screen went blank with the apple logo, and I could neither turn it on nor turn it off.
I took it to an authorized apple center to be reviewed.
They told me that when that happens there were two options: update the system or restore the cell phone but that I would lose the information.
I told them to just try updating that because I didn’t want to lose the information.
When I returned for my cell phone they told me they had bad and good news, good that the cell phone already works and bad that there was no information at all.They told me they did not restore it, they just updated the system. That the phone itself had erased the information, they think that was either due to memory damage, file management
damage or an application that won’t work properly.
That when the phone started it started without asking for apple id or passwords. This help? I really hope so. The photos and videos are the only memories I have of my mom.
I have been using my phone since that day, I do not know if that is something bad also.
Please I hope you can help, I am in México. My iphone is 128 GB and obviously I did not backup. My phone was almost full of capacity.

A device which does not exist was specified
A device which does not exist was specified” error – HDD does not show up in disk management at all, volume shown as not being initialised.

Loose connection on hard drive
Hard-drive stopped working suddenly. The hard-drive hasn’t been dropped but the connection for the Sata usb is completely loose. I would need the data recovered from the hard-drive please as at the moment I can’t connect it.

Samsung 850 SSD Data recovery
Samsung 850 bios ssd not functioning, regular desktop hard drive and was functioning fine and turned on as normal then pc wouldn’t boot. primary windows drive, drive shows up in windows explorer but no capacity available. Won’t allow through windows partition manager. Tried samsung magician will see the drive, but show it as RAW, file corruption? attempted to power cycling it over night but still no go.


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