RAID LVM Edinburgh, Hard drive recovery Manchester and Southampton

Here are some of the latest data recovery enquiries from people with lost data in Edinburgh, Manchester and Southampton. These data recovery enquiries were submitted to Data Clinic Ltd, the UK hard drive recovery specialists.

RAID LVM Data Recovery
2 disk raid 1. Part of a 6 disk lvm (3 x 2 disk raid 1’s. 2 are h/w raid 1’s which are fine. The fault is on the s/w raid). After a power outage the h/w raids came back but not the s/w raid. Edinburgh

Dropped laptop
I dropped my laptop and I now get a ‘DST’ error message (both long and short if that makes a difference). Although I have backed up virtually all the files, I’d just finished editing a video of my daughter (a c.50min) video. Although I have the original files, it took me about 6weeks to edit so hope it can be recovered. Located in Edinburgh.

Hard drive data recovery in Manchester
I have 2 HDs that need repair. Firstly, a Seagate Backup 8TB which is not being recognised by Windows and has no no clicking sound and so cannot access data. The light comes on for 30s only but i did access data once so believe it is recoverable. Also I have a Seagate Desktop HDD 3000 GB, which is preventing the PC from loading into windows when connected and I believe is also faulty. Can you let me know your prices for repair / data transfer and if you can help. I’m based in Salford, Manchester and would require a collection.

2.5 external hard drive stopped working Southampton
I have a 2.5 external hard drive that stopped to work suddenly when I was copying some files. The hard disk drive is located in Southampton. When I plug the hard disk it blinks for a while and then it’s steady. Disk management shows it as a raw partition at the beginning, but after a few seconds it become not initialised and when I try to initialised it says ‘Disk not ready’. I tried to do the some with the command prompt and I get the same results. There isn’t any clicking sound or anything out of the ordinary. I tried to use software like stellar, or seagate recovery suite but they are not able to find any files. I removed the hard disk from the case and plugged it into a SATA connector but I have the same issue. Is it possible to recover my data? If so, what’s the cost of the service? It’s my personal data (photos, videos, etc).


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