Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Wallet.dat recovery

The well respected cryptocurrency recovery experts Recover My Crypto Wallet ( have recently shared two examples of their work with us:

Cryptocurrency wallet on Samsung phone
Can you retrieve my Metamask cryptocurrency wallet from my phone? This last week my Samsung a70 has not been charging and I am not able to get the phone to power up..I’ve tried numerous chargers /leads and even a power bank but all that happens is when I plug a charger into the device a white circle appears in the centre of the screen with a small charging symbol at the top of that circle.. However no matter how long I leave it charging it will not charge up .
I have items on there I do not want to lose so I’m turning to your company to hopefully offer a solution..Even if you can get the phone to charge up then I could use the smart switch app to transfer my information to my new Samsung phone..can you please advise ?

Memory stick Bitcoin wallet recovery
I’m looking for rough quote and idea if it will be possible to recover wallet.dat data from my 32gb Sandisk memory stick. Almost all of my files on my card started showing up as a grey box with white exclamation mark inside. The image files could no longer be deleted, moved or sent via bluetooth. I have tried it in another computer and shows “Unsupported” message. Have also tried to open on my Macbook but doesn’t open – however this is the same with my other USB sticks that have been formatted inside mobile phone and still working fine so I might just need to update Mac or the format setting they get within the phones just isn’t compatible. Therefore it’s possible it may still open on a device, and if not I believe it will need to be formatted and then needs data recovery. Not sure if any files have been corrupted. A long time ago I saved a Bitcoin wallet.dat file to this memory stick which is now worth quite a lot of money. I’d love to be able to recover the Bitcoin.


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