Data Recovery Services

Of all the companies in the UK providing data recovery services, the staff at Data Clinic are the experts that I’ve been most impressed by. I’ve written about my experiences below about Data Clinic’s excellent data recovery services involving a 512 mSATA hard drive and an SD card

It’s a micron m-Sata 512Gb SSD from a Dell laptop. M550, Model: MTFDDAT512MAY
Was placed in external caddy after laptop issues (seems like motherboard). Worked fine till the new laptop decided a windows update was necessary that included bios and flash updates to the motherboard, new laptop wouldnt boot, so stupidly unplugged the caddy rather than forced a power off.
Since then the drive is sometimes recognized but not accessible. Once a windows error mentioned a deleted or inaccessible table (can’t remember if MBR or what the errors actually said).

Phone SD card recovery
I’m not sure if this would be recovery from the phone or the SD card. I stupidly agreed for my phone to move my photos and videos onto my SD card, and the videos transferred fine but the photos now seem to be corrupted (the files are there but no images showing). The only images I can see are ones I’ve previously messaged to other people. I’m absolutely desperate to get these back as it’s the last 15 months of my son growing up, including his first and second birthdays. I’ve tried downloading everything to a laptop and using different apps to open the files.

In both these examples, Data Clinic were able to retrieve the data for me. The files were returned on an external hard drive that I plugged into my computer and were able to access immediately.

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