Recover Time Machine Backup

This is an old 3tb Seagate hard drive used for time machine backups up until about 2017 that I just tried to look through to find some videos and music to add to the NAS I’ve just setup. But I couldn’t get anything on my Mac to recognise it (not the finder, not disk utility, not disk drill, not terminal). It also won’t show on PC, except when going into Driver management, where the model does show up (ST3000DM001) and claims the drivers are up to date. I can’t find
any way to get it to show on PC though, but am limited from it being my work laptop – no admin
rights 🙂
I have good triple back-up routines on all my home videos and photos, so don’t need any of that
back, just the video and music folders if it’s possible. I suspect it’s probably more trouble
than it’s worth though? Is there anyway to recover this time machine backup?

I have e seagate external hard drive that is making a clicking sound and wont open. it is less than 1 year old and has not been dropped but I use it for backing up my data with Time Machine. Seagate have offered to replace it but not recover the data. so I may look at just keeping it and refuse a new one from them if I get the data back, depending on costs. Do you have a fixed price


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