Recover data from ADATA SSD

I have an old laptop hard drive (IDE 2.5″, 2GB) the laptop is approximately 23 years old and has been in storage for the last 3 years – it worked when it was last powered up (about 3 years ago).
The hard drive spins up but doesn’t become idle.
The ADATA SSD hard drive was previously bootable within the laptop, has an instance of WIndows 98 installed, and is full of nostalgia. I’m hoping to (at the very least) recover the data or preferably fix the drive or migrate to another disk so that I’m able to continue using the laptop.
Device Details:
Toshiba Tecra 520CDT.
Drive: 2.02 GB PA1246U-T2A

Recover files from ADATA SSD
I have a defective ADATA SX8200PNP-512GT-S NVMe SSD which I would like to recover and put back to life. I passed the device to my local recovery specialists and they were not able to sort out the problem so I decided to contact other companies.
The diagnostic about the problem which I received from them was:
“The device passes ALL power tests, but is completely inaccessible in the normal way.
Upon closer inspection, It would appear that the hardware encryption keys (held in the Firmware) are corrupt, and whilst we can get complete ‘native’ access to the data, we cannot remove the encryption placed on it by the main controller.”

The external drive was dropped on the floor, causing the outside protective casing to fall off.
When plugging into laptop the drive isn’t mounting and data isn’t reachable. However, my Mac does detect that 2.3tb has been used on the drive, which I assume means it might be salvageable. I’ve bought a new hard drive in the meantime to transfer this data across asap when possible.


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