Hi and Welcome to me Blog,

‘Brownie’ McGhee here. Brownie ain’t my real name, I got it at university – it’s the name of an old bluesman from way back. But Brownie is what I’m called and I like it so I’ll stick with it 🙂

So I’m also called The Hard Drive Man as I work a lot with hard drives. So by definition, I also know a lot about hard drives: how they work, how they are constructed, how to fix them and where the hard drive industry is going.

A standard HDD hard driveMany people think that SSD hard drives will replace the more conventional mechnical HDD hard drives, but this is a popular misconception. I can tell you now that the cost per gigabyte of SSD hard drives is far too expensive for them to compete with the older HDD’s. This itself is enough for SSD’s not to be a threat, but if you also consider that the storage capabilities of SSD hard drives is no where near what an HDD can store, then you’ll also see the SSD’s aren’t really going anywhere and will remain in consumer electronics devices – predominately smartphones and tablet computers. The big mass storage will remain HDD hard drive technology for some considerable time to come.

Anyway what is my blog going to contain? Well it’s going to contain useful reference articles about hard drives – stuff that I find interesting, and hopefully you’ll find it interesting too and if you want to contact me then please feel free to reach out.

That’s enough from me for a while. I’d better start posting!

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