Mac Hard Drives not mounting

I have a apple mac air laptop and i used to have mountain lion OS and i just downloaded the newer sierra OS which i don’t like and i tried to factory reinstall the OS back to mountain lion,and apple said my internet speed isn’t strong enough to for me to do it as i tried and it keeps falling and i they said to bring it in.Could you do it and how much will it cost and could it be done while i waited?.

External Hard drive stop working after I plug the wrong adapter. The drive is not spinning and is making no noise. I tried another external hard drive interface, hoping the USD/SATA interface of the external hard drive was to blamed, but no luck.

Disk can’t mount (MacOS 10.12.4)
Running Disk Utility:
Catalog File shows an incorrect Block Count for file tmp.spotlight.state
The disk can’t be repaired
Disk: WD MyPassportStudio 2TB Firewire & USB version

I own a 1TB external USB hard drive from Western digital, which has failed recently. After connecting it into the computer, it keeps spinning without getting recognized as a USB Mass storage device on the computer. I was lucky to have the drive detected just once, where it sent me an error message regarding an error with the i/o device and denied me an access to the contents. Having experienced this issue after multiple attempts, I believe a data recovery might be required. Can you please assist me with the same ?

new macIt is a 2009 iMac – the hardrive has now failed (due to age and use). Apple have confirmed this.
We have photo’s and possibly music/films we would love to recover if this is possible?
It would be great to know a cost for this also.

I deleted a folder from my back up drive into recycle bin, then emptied recycle bin.
I’d like to recover folder

Laptop not powering up, had had problems with not charging for a few weeks. Removed HDD (wd500LPVX) and put it in an external enclosure which I know works. It is not recognised by two separate PCs. The disc spins but does not click, looking at it with disk managment software it says it is a GDT disc. Can you recover the data for me?

External hard drive dropped, has been clicking when staring up two basic computer shops said can’t fix it, have opens it up and the bottom head is damaged.
It is a western digital hard drive, 2tb but was only about 1/4 full of photos etc, will you be able to recover the data and if so what would be the rough cost?


Mobile and Deleted Data

Mobile won’t turn on. Over previous 10 days or so, it has been restarting on its own! Last Wednesday the bluish light, left hand top, stayed on and wouldn’t turn off. Finally went off when battery ran out [1.5 days later] and hasn’t been able to turn on since 14 April. Can I get it turned on/working so I can retrieve my pics and info? Mobile is still within warranty. I have spoken with Samsung support services in Manchester dept and have tried to restart, pressing volume, main button and power on button, but to no avail.

deleted dataI have been using an external hard drive as a time machine back up. The backups were accidentally deleted from the hard drive (still visible in the trash can of my laptop) but were unable to be restored. The external hard drive was deleted on disk utility so it could be used as a normal storage device but the backups in the trash can also disappeared. Is there any way the data can be recovered either from the original external hard drive or laptop trash can?

Smashed case and maybe damaged inside. The internal ciruit is exposed. Making funny noise when usb connected and also unrecognised when usb connected. Please save files to another hard drive if possible?

Damaged (smashed so as circuit exposed) and not recognising via usb also funny noises. Can data be recovered from it? Its a WD external hard drive..

Seagate Laptop Thin SSHD failed in a Dell laptop. The laptop had been on for months but when shut down and moved it failed on the next boot. Dell diagnostics show no drive installed and when placing the drive in a caddy the drive didn’t appear to spin up.

Plugged into laptop makes the device found notification then drive starts up then after 3-5 seconds cuts out and device unplugged notification comes up on laptop

I have a iPhone 5s which I haven’t back up for a year. Unfortunately it’s stopped booting. I can get it into recovery and DFU mode. Using iTunes I tried to update (not restore as I don’t want to lose data).
iTunes update errors with unknown error (-1). Looking at the iTunes log for the update it indicates the data volume is still intact. Searching on the internet indicates possibly a bad baseband chip or NAND chip could give this error. Is this something you could revive?

I have a Samsung Note 5 which stopped accepting my password and just kept rebooting so I had to run the Facotry Reset which wiped out all my data , including pictures and videos. The phone memory was encrypted in order to be able to access my work emails.
Are you able to recover the pictures and videos? If so, how long would it take and how much will it cost?

I would like to understand if you can recover data from a water damaged Samsung galaxy s6 phone and what the price would be?

Getting Data Phones

In this post we look at getting the data off of broken mobile phones, with 4 real examples of data loss

samsung s6Using husbands phone no as own phone broken and I can’t get info off it. It’s a Samsung s6. What’s the likely cost and timescale to get data off it if it is actually possible?

I would like to recover my photos from my non-functioning iphone 5s.
The device won’t turn on. It gets stuck at the apple logo and then goes black. Apple store/local phone repair store couldn’t fix.

I am writing to inquire about retrieving documents and photos from my LG G4 phone (a Hong Kong variant).
There is no water or physical damage to the phone. It just suddenly couldn’t function since yesterday. It goes to a black screen for 1 second and then to the screen which you would see when the phone is booting normally, But, it freezed there and the phone could not be switched off. So I took out the battery and put it back in to see if it works. I have tried several times, it didn’t work.
Could you still extract the files from internal memory in this situation? If so, how should I proceed? Thank you. Please kindly reply me by email tonight or tomorrow morning before 9am.

HTC one m8. Phone powers up but won’t boot, just stuck on the HTC one logo. Have tried all the recovery programs I could find but nothing will detect the phone when plugged into the computer

Synology NAS Data Recovery

Synology NAS, set up with SHR. System notified me that 2 separate drives were failing (not failed), so I purchased 2 new drives and started using the onboard system to transfer one drive to another. During this process the system crashed, taking out the system partition and making the system unreadable.

synology nas

I contacted Synology who have done what they can, but have advised me that any further action on their part could lead to data loss, as the system contains all out photo’s from before my daughter was born, all our documents (and also all our videos and TV recorded programs) we are not willing to potentially loose that data.
The DS2415+ system currently has the following config:

Bay 1: WD 6TB Red
Bay 2: WD 6TB Red Pro
Bay 3: WD 4TB Red
Bay 4: WD 6TB Red Pro
Bay 5: WD 3TB Green
Bay 6: Empty
Bay 7: WD 3TB Green
Bay 8: WD 2TB Black
Bay 9: WD 2TB Black
Bay 10: WD 2TB Black
Bay 11: WD 2TB Red
Bay 12: Empty

The system advised me that drives 3 and 7 were failing and I have already got 2 new WD 6TB RED Pro drives ready.

The engineer also informed me that all of the smaller drives (Bay 7-) are showing considerable SMART failings, so as part of the recovery process I would like to consolidate my data onto Drives 1,2 &4 and the other 2 6TB Red Pro drives that I have. I understand that this may be insufficient and am ready to purchase additional drives.
I live in Preston, Lancashire, this has already been down 5 days, so I am looking for an urgent turn round, but also one which I can afford. Please contact me, so we can determine the best next move, and also give me an idea of the potential cost.

Authors Note: In all cases of data recovery from Synology NAS systems, my recommendation is to take the system straight to the experts – in this case Data Clinic.

Data Clinic are a UK wide data recovery company who specialise in RAID and NAS hard drive recovery. Their NAS recovery page for Synology RAID hard drives can be found at

Phone Data Required

wet phone“I wanted to know if you work with spillages. I had a grease/oil spillage on my phone (OnePlus X) and it’s not turning on/off and not able to charge. Rice didn’t help, of course, as it is not water spillage. Would you be able to clean it / recover it, so that it works? I am not concerned about data on the phone. Also, how much would it cost?

I own an LG G3 and out of the blue have been struck with the ‘green screen of death’. I’m unsure if you’re familiar with this but it’s relating to a kernel error. Safe mode is unavailable so it seems to be a case of performing a factory reset to try to solve the problem.
I have a photo of the wording if it’s helpful but I’m just wondering whether in your experience it’s worth trying to recover the data and if so how much you charge for this.
If you could email me with a response that would be great.”

As long as not too much damage has been done to a mobile smartphone, it is more often than not possible to retrieve the data from it. The method used to recover the data is dependent on how the phone was damaged. Spillages often damage the phone’s circuit board and usually a large internal clean up operation is necessary to remove all the short-circuits. These jobs tend to cost around £300 or so. ‘Green screens of death’ are less of a problem and usually there hasn’t been any damage sustained by the phone, its just a software (or firmware) problem. The cost of data recovery in these cases is around £250.

There are many outlets in the UK that offer smartphone repairs but very few of them have the technical capability to recover the data from a damaged phone. You need to Google ‘data recovery’ and see what you find, alternatively take a look at specialist data recovery blogs such as to get an insight into the types of problems people have and their recommendations as to how to recover the data.

Data Recovery Help

The USB connector on my harddrive has broken away. There is also a possible read/write head issue. 2gb drive I need data recovered on behalf of a client of mine. I have all the footage for a short film on an external drive. My files wont show up when the drive mounts but the size left on the drive for storage shows the data is there

External drive suddenly stopped working. When it is connected to a computer it makes a start up noise but the computer does not recognise the device. I have my mate’s Samsung HD502HI 500GB hard drive, she said it was dropped and it will not switch on. We took it to a PC repair shop which was unable to power it up and indeed as soon as it was connected to his PC, he said it switched his computer off. She has wedding photos and videos on the drive.

I have a WD Elements 512GB external hard drive. A month or two back, I was transferring around 150GB files from a separate External HDD to my Elements external HDD (literally drag and drop from one drive to another on my Win 10 laptop) and the process paused around half way through. I tried cancelling the transfer, but it would not cancel.
I then attempted to shut down my laptop, but it would not shut down until the now “frozen” file transfer had completed. Since the file transfer had frozen, I then pulled the external Elements HDD connector out of the USB port, and switched off my laptop. On restarting the laptop, I plugged the Elements drive back into the USB port and the laptop would no longer recognise it (though it knows something is plugged in) and file recovery software shows the drive has “0 bytes” of storage. No drive appears in “Computer”, thus it is no longer accessible. I cannot get any of my laptops to recognise the drive/access the files, and attempting to initiate the drive from Disk Management (Windows 10), shows the drive does exist, but an error message prompt explains the drive has suffered an “IO error”.
There is around 300-350GB of data on the drive, though difficult to know exactly as I was transferring around 150GB of data to it. So it may only have around 150-250GB of data, depending on how much data was saved to the drive before the above error occurred.
On the basis of the above and your experience recovering data, does the fault with my external WD Elements drive have a good chance of data recovery should I proceed with your services?

I dropped my works laptop and now the hard drive is clicking and the laptop wont power up and says no bootable devices available. Is this some thing you guys think you could fix? Can you please email me with a quote.

Data Recovery Tips

Data Recovery Tips
Have you ever lost data and needed to get it back? This excellent data recovery tips site explains ho to do just that! Here are some typical enquiries.

Hard drive failed after trying to copy a large amount of data on to my laptop. Error message ‘USB device not recognised, may have malfunctioned‘ seen. Most common fixes to eliminate the possibility of some other cause of this error message tried.

Transcend storejet 3tb external hard drive running on macbook pro. Data is still on hard disk and can be accessed but read and write speed has become very slow such that I can now not work with this data. I need to back it up onto abother external drive before this one stops working for good. When I try to copy the data onto another drive the transfer speed is too slow and I am getting ‘error 36’ messages on my mac.

Deleted a Time machine backup from my Synology NAS that uses Synology Hybrid Raid with one disk fault tolerance. I now realise that the time machine backup may have contained photo’s that did not restore to my iMac… If possible I would like to restore the Sparsebundle so I can check it for the photo’s.

i can connect it to the computer and software are being installed but i cannot get access to the data

All of the files (including crucial files for my dissertation) on my USB drive have disappeared. I visited the IT Services at my University (Oxford Brookes) who have tried testdisk and Photorec in Linux but it does not find any useful data. The file and folder names, and contents of files on the stick are in gibberish. I have been using the USB drive in my Macbook pro (2011) and on PC’s at University, it is an oldish USB drive that i received for free from the University when i started 3 years ago. I am unsure if my Macbook may be the problem due to its age and experiencing file and saving problems when using Microsoft Word on it in the past. It would be so helpful to have the files recovered as i am now extremely behind with my dissertation. How much would recovery of these files cost? And is recovery Guaranteed?

Phone Data Help

My iphone 6S(+ I think) got wet. And then I tried to charge it after I thought it dried up, as the battery was dead and the phone was switched off when I got it wet.
I went to sleep when I started charging it and the battery sign came up when it started charging. When I woke up and tried to check the phone again, nothing came up on the screen and I tried to unplugging and replugging the phone back into the com.
I then tried to put it in rice for two days to no avail and the phone won’t switch on.
I took it to an Apple store Manchester today and they said the phone is unable to take a charge nor power on.

They said they were unable to verify whether there’s liquid damage as there’s a piece of plastic stuck behind my sim card port, which means that they can’t open it. If they were to take away the screen and check the inside of the phone through that route, then the screen might break as I already cracked it previously.
Right now, I’m just trying to see whether I can still retrieve the data on the iphone if I can’t turn it on, including its photos, contacts, notes, etc.
Thank you so much. ( I can’t take any calls as my phone’s dead, feel free to email me )

Can you retrieve deleted pics and messages from my iphone 6 for the last 2 months , i gave my partner it to use and i think she is having an affair i am sure she has deleted all pics and messages as i saw a few . It was disconnected from icloud and not backed up to itunes during the last 2 months

Failed HDD Problems

Here are a collection of questions I’ve been sent recently and links to answers I have found.

Hi there I’ve got a Freecom Classic SL 250GB Drive which has recently failed and is making clicking sounds when its booted up.
I don’t suppose you have a rough quote of how much this would cost to repair, if repair was possible?

Dell Inspiron N5030 hard drive failure, 320GB.
Many years old, 15,000 hours according to diagnostics by a company.
I would like data recovery on files please.
Was quoted £130 by a company.
How much would this be?

I have lost access to the data on my laptop hard drive (Seagate 750GB) and I would like to recover all data on it. Please could you tell me the price for standard recover data.

Hi my 500GB harddrive has failed. On turning on the machine the hardrive makes a clicking sound but windows will not load. In system Bios the harddrive does not appear. I am based in Darlington and obviously you are not far away. Is there any idea of the cost involved and how long it would take? How would you send any data recovered?

Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB Drive. ZFS Filesystem.
Disk appears to spin up ok, no strange sounds. Although it’s ZFS it’s the only disk in the pool, which is why this is a problem. When the computer, or any computer with the disk in starts, POST fails when looking at AHCI port#0 31000ms timeout. I would prefer email communication, because of University.

I have a Samsung hard drive that I’ve been backing my photographs up on. However, I’ve tried various computers and a different lead and the device doesn’t seem to be recognised.

I Want To Recover Data !

I would like recover data from two external – portable hard drives. I’ve opened them both but have damaged read/write heads and they not working – motors working but not showing anything on the PC. Could you let me know how much i have to pay – don’t need to fix drives – only recover data – one of them is 1TB and second 500gb. Im from Leeds.

My hard drive start make strange noise click of death i think this disk need to replace head. I try on my own to replace this with the same model etc but i failed plattern are in good condition can you swap head for me? I can recovery later with programs.

The external hard drive fell out on my bag onto the pavement. The case is still intact and there is nothing rattling around inside. However, the computer won’t identify when connected and it clicks.
Can you please provide a quote for recovering the data by next week?

The hard disk was not detected in the pc . It starts, then clicks and then stops. Please can you help. The 500GB HDD in my MacBook Pro (2009) has failed. I need to copy all data that can be retrieved. Could you pls send me a quote.

native_stopping_menuWe bought a new 2TB WD external drive at the beginning of august and formatted it for Mac. All of a sudden it stopped working. It spins when plugged in then stops, a click can be heard for a few times. After a few minutes the light starts flashing very slowly. According to WD it might be a power issue and the drive could be “sleeping”. When plugged to a PC, the system prompts the drive installation and the “safe removal” icon is available, but, being formatted for Mac, we can’t obviously access it.

I have a Seagate 1TB external hard drive that has been used exclusively with Apple Macs. It has recently stopped working. It was checked by an ICT technician friend who connected it to an external drive dock to see if the drive would be registered – no success. I also took it to the Apple Store to see if they could do anything – again, no success. They suspect that the drive architecture is still ok but the drive electronics may be at fault – when the drive is connected, the led indicator light flashes but there is no drive sound. Could you provide me with a quote to check/repair the drive & hopefully rescue the data?