Data recovery around Northamptonshire

In this post we look at data recovery requests for hard drive recovery and file retrieval from hard drives and mobile phones around the Northamptonshire area.

USB micro B controllerUSB Micro B controller detached
The USB 3.0 Micro B connector inside my Seagate 1TB external hard drive has completely detached and the pins inside no longer connect to the cable.
I am based in Corby, Northamptonshire.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium
I dropped the phone, have had a business in Kettering look into it whom have said it is a motherboard issue.
The phone will not power on however there is a green LED light which flashes when on charge or the power button is pressed. I am looking for a rough quote on how much it would be to recover primarily the pictures/videos off the device.

iPhone in Recovery Mode
So my iphone 6s randomly disabled (could still see background, find on find my iphone and recieve phone calls). In attempting to fix this via updating in itunes. I was advised to put it into recovery mode – however it did not work and now I cannot get it out of recovery mode. Trying to do so without effecting data- particularly pictures which I have not backed up.
Do you think you could access them and what would the cost be?

WD5000AAKS File Recovery
Hi I’m looking for a HDD that is compatible with the following details. Intention is the transfer the heads into my faulty drive to recover the files.
Existing Drive
Model WD5000AAKS-40YGA1
Heads Map YGA
Date of Manufacturer 21-05-08
Preamplifier NNH
Country of manufacturer Thailand
Can you let me know if you have a cheap one and costs.

My hard drive not working in my iMac. Needs actuator arm replacement , data still there i reckon. I need to find a data recovery company near me in Northampton.

Click and non responsive drive, which the computer cannot pick up outside of bios.

Toshiba Canvio hard driveToshiba Canvio not mounting
I have a Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB Portable External Hard Drive (HDTB310EK3AA). It is currently failing to mount on my Mac. I’ve checked with another computer to rule out an issue with the cable and/or my macbook. The drive starts up and then seems to fail.

The port of my external harddrive is loose.It cant be detected from my laptop. Do you sell a replacement sata bridge card for an old lacie 500gb external hardrive?

WD clicking and not being recognised by computer


Data Recovery on Seagate ST5000DM000 hard drive in London

I have a Seagate ST5000DM000 5TB SATA Hard Disk Drive which I dropped. I made all the usual mistakes – switched it on and off a couple of times, then watched a couple of videos and opened it up to have a look. Needless to say, it doesn’t work. I bought a similar replacement drive and used its head stack to replace the head stack from the dropped drive (the original heads having been damaged in the original drop/crash).That obviously didn’t fix it. I put the transferred heads back into the replacement drive, hoping that it would still work – it doesn’t. I’m looking for a Data recovery clinic in London – I believe there is one at 68 Lombard Street, phone 0207 111 0964

Seagate ST5000DM000 hard drive

So I am now left with two non-functioning Seagate ST5000DM000 drives – the original (without heads) with the data that I would like to recover, and the replacement, with (nominally) undamaged heads and an empty set of platters, that can no longer be read. The dropped drive is formatted for Mac OS X. It contains principally photo and video files, and from memory it contains between 3TB and 4TB of files.

Two questions. Is there a possibility that the data is recoverable? And the obvious question – If I take it to the clinic at Lombard Street London how much will it cost to recover the data?

My Seagate ST5000DM000 is corrupted. Was told by another technician:
Inaccessible partition / volume
Hard disk drive have failed
Read write heads are bad
Chances of data recovery are poor
Donor parts needed.

Devmgmt and Diskmgmt files – data recovery

Hard drives are showing as powered, and can feel a vibration as if the disks are spinning.
fails to appear on devmgmt.msc & diskmgmt.msc

devmgmt file (windows)Seagate hard drive dropped no longer working. Has important student work on it. It clicks when plugged in.

I have 3 hard drives which I need downloading to access photos/videos etc.
Are you able to give me an approximate starting price please.

Power cut during data transfer, Hardrive has gone into RAW format. I’ve used free software to do a deep scan but when I’ve gone to recover data, the files come back in parts or corrupted. The external hard drive that has failed I’d a 2TB WD Passport. When transferring the data i had cut instrad of copied, I just wanted to enquire if you would be able to get all the data back in working condition. The files include documemts/pictures/vidoes/basic programs and software.

Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive 2T stopped working,can’t any signal from it and the blue flashing light is not showing up. No recollection of dropping it. Not showing up in the devmgmt.msc file.

I have installed windows onto my Mac and now all of the photos, documents etc that were saved on my computer have gone. I have checked my iCloud and my iCloud library is empty and I have no other back up. I was wondering whether it was likely that any of the data is recoverable and, if so, what this is likely to cost?

I dropped my external hard drive and other companies say they can’t retrieve the data as you need a clean room

Consultant. Left project with my laptop. However, to keep with project security requirements, CP FDE was enforced and agreed to. Unfortunately, I have these two laptops that are CP FDE’d and haven’t gotten any recovery media, and as my usual luck would have it, no documentation with passwords. Any help or insight on this would be greatly appreciated. Both laptops are Dell’s. Hard drive not appearing is devmgmt.

WD My Passport Ultra beeps by 7 times, then 3 times and 3 times when connected, after it had dropped from a metre.

My seagate 1tb external hard drive stopped showing up on my windows 10 lenovo ideapad laptop

Hard drive doesn’t appear in the bios and no computer can locate it, not even devmgmt or diskmgmt display them as working, it is a 60GB HDD which was failing as it did a disk check every time you booted the laptop

My portable hard disc is not recognized in any computer device. but I understand that it is functioning i remember the problem is one day I remove the portable hard disc at once without using the the safe mode.

I have just put together my new Desktop PC and connected my old HDD which was working fine on the previous set up and when I switch on the PC it starts to make clicking noise for about 10-15 seconds after which no noise and it doesn’t get recognised in Windows or BIOS. Could you help with what is causing the problem and if it can be fixed as i have valuable information on the hard drive?

Manchester Stockport RAID Data Recovery

I have a custom built RAID server that runs our business which recently stopped showing up on the company network. It’s a 10 drive RAID 5 array with 10 3TB hard drives. Two off the hard drives are offline and the RAID is not functioning at all. Before this, one hard drive had failed and the server array was running in degraded mode. I tested each disk in disk utilities and I tested them on a pc and these two hard drive doesn’t show up on there either. The company is based in Stockport and I want to use and raid data recovery service that is local to Manchester.

BL9 7NX data recovery for RAID, Manchester and Stockport

I recently had my RAID 6 fixed and converted to a RAID 5 server array running Windows server, however, some of the the hard drives in the RAID were broken (unable to be powered up) and there is a lot of valuable data on there. I was told that a professional RAID data recovery service would be able to access the data – is this possible? If so, how much will it cost and how long will it take? My nearest data recovery centre is Bury in Greater Manchester and the actual computer that requires the files recovering is in Cheadle, Stockport.

I dropped my NAS RAID tower and it wouldn’t reboot so I made a claim for accidental damage with my insurance company. They refused my claim as they stated the last used date was march 2014 when I claimed it was used up to august 2017. My grandson used it to play games eg minecraft.. They have cancelled my insurance and accused me of fraud. I contacted the server supplier in Manchester City Centre who built the RAID and they informed me that originally it had a mirrored RAID and when one of the drives stopped communicating it was disconnected and that may have been the drive checked. I notified them and they said the other drive was checked. I said that was not in the original report and finally they agreed to an independent report. I need to prove that the LUD was in 2017 (which is the case) and clear my name of making a fraudulent claim. I am hoping you can examine all the drives and prove the LUD was 2017 and was being used to play games as their accusation has dire consequences for me.

Data Recovery 10 disk RAID Servers in Manchester and Leeds

RAID data recovery Manchester

We have tried various raid data recovery methods with no success, the system won’t install new OS in boot, and we can’t repair the system with disk utilities or in recovery mode. This leads us to believe that the disks have become corrupted. The raid is a 10 disk raid 5 server running MS Windows Server with 10 x 3TB SATA hard drives. It’s a custom built raid server and is located in a data centre in Manchester. I can get access to the server and if I were to bring it across to Data Clinic in Bury, Greater Manchester for you to recover would I need to bring the whole raid 5 array or just the hard drives?

A typical data centreThe facility in Manchester report that at least one of the hard drives in the RAID is not working consistently. It will not load and when it does i can view all files yet cannot copy them to save them. I need all the files off the drive regardless what happens to the box. Is this something you can do? The light is on and the wd passport is whirring, yet it will not copy files. Please can you let me know if you can recover my files and roughly how much this will cost? I am quite distressed about loosing all my info, so if you could please email me asap. I know that because the system we are running is a raid that the data is spread across all the hard drives in the server array, does that mean that in order to recover the data from the RAID I need to recover the data from all the RAID disks in the server?

Leeds data recovery of raid server

I have a 10TB RAID 5 with 10 Seagate hard drives. The hard drives are 4TB each and during a raid rebuild 3 of the disks went offline. This led to the raid failing and the system crashed. Obviously we have now lost access to the data. It’s critically important that this data is recovered. The server is in Leeds city centre and I’m now informed that some of the hard drives are making a clicking noise and data cannot be read from them anymore. The Leeds data centre also tell me that some of the drives are coming up as not initialised. We have not initialised as this would create a new MBR and make it harder I guess to recover the data.
Can you please let me know how much it will cost to recover the data in Leeds?

I know of a Data Clinic just off of the Gelderd ring road in Leeds and can either call in to this location or have the data recovered in Manchester.

Data Rescue Harrow

I have external Western Digital 500GB
2.5″ clicking hard drive. Opened back to see if it was stuck armature. Wasnt so immediatlely replaced back. Tried replacing USB circuit board. Still no joy.
Drive not appearing on computer.

Drive WD my passport ultra,
Doest mount but appear is Disk Utility (mac) cannot have it repaired>
Data Rescue 3 can access but with the message “slow read” try to clone it but it failed

I have an external hard drive, which is about 7/8 years old. On it are photos and music , but now I can see power light but when I connect to the laptop it will not recognise it and I can’t retrieve the photo’s.
I am based in Harrow.

PC wouldn’t boot. Firstly with diagnosing pc message then about 8 hours I was given option to either system restore or refresh both methods failed. After a few attempts during the week the pc could no longer find anything to boot from. Have connected WD blue 1TB to another pc via sata to usb lead and that pc fails to pick it up? I had just updated my amd drivers when problems started.

HD Passport in Harrow is not allowing me to access my data at all. I can see there is data there but not able to open it at all.
Just get a message it is unreadable on this computer, no matter what computer I am using.

Dropped my laptop now the hard drive doesn’t work. Computer turns on and error messages still work fine but drive makes a click sound. I would like to retrieve only 2 word documents of approx. 30 pages only (with no pictures). Please could you quote for doing this?

PC failed to start, it is an old PC with a Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 Hard drive, it was running windows 7. It would be helpful if I could rescue my files from the drive to install on my replacement PC

Portable hard drive not working/not recognised by the laptop.
It does make a noise, as if the motor is working, but is not recognised by the laptop. I definetly need to rescue the data on the laptop.

Seagate 4tb external harddrive stopped working after few months of use. Model nr. SRD0NF1. It doesn’t appear in “My computer”, but it appears in device manager. I’ve tried to reinstall it, scan it with RC and EaseUS recovery programms – no luck.

When I connect my external Hd to pc or laptops it vibrants buy not showing up in on screen. I gave it to one mechine , he said it hard drive’s green plate got problem and not showing up on pc or laptops and in disk management it’s only showing not media.
M in deep sadness coz of my memories were there in my hard disk

RAID and data recovery

I had an external RAID 5 hard drive (toshiba passport) that stopped working. It had no reason to stop working, it was not dropped or damaged, it just stopped showing up whenever you plug it in. We spoke to toshiba’s raid specialists and all they’ve been able to do is offer us a replacement…but obviously that means we’ve lost hundreds of precious family photos and important documents. Can I please get a quote on how much it would cost to retrieve my files from it.

Seagate External Raid Hard Drive in a raid array, possible spindle motor problem, possibly water damage, motor runs for a couple of seconds then stops, would data be retrievable?


My raid hard drive has died, but the disks spin occasionally when plugged into an external device. My laptop went really slow and unresponsive for a few days and then it died. I would like to recover my photos mainly as they are important and as many files as possible! How much do you charge for raid data recovery (i think it’s a raid 6)?

For a useful list of standard types of raid configuration click here.

I have a server running a RAID 10 which is several years old now. Last year I formatted it for use with my MacBook and stored hundreds of photos, videos and songs on it. As of last November it was working fine, and has been stored properly since then. Today I attempted to connect it to my MacBook and it was not being detected and was making clicking sounds. I then decided to plug it in to a Windows laptop instead to see if it would still be recognised, and it recognised it but could not install the driver necessary to use it. I then plugged it back into my MacBook and now it is being displayed as “unreadable,” although it does show up in disk utility. I downloaded a program called ‘EaseUs’ and ran a scan to see whether there were still files on the drive, and the scan returned thousands of images and songs. However, I read bad things about that program, and so decided to stop the scan and delete it, and not proceed with using it to recover any data. Now I know that the files are still on the drive, I desperately want them recovered – can you fix RAID data loss?

iPhone File Recoveries

iPhones suffer lots of different problems – people drop them, they sit on them, they get run over, the data gets lost, or the phone may get accidentally factory reset. Below are some enquiries from customers with different problems on their phones, I’ve also put some links on too, to web sites where there’s some goo advice regarding how they can fix their phones and get their files recovered.

My iPhone 6s can’t power on, it can be charged, but when I try to turn it on it always stuck at the apple sign. there has been no physical damage to it. I just want to ask how many days and how much would it cost to recover its data.

I would like to recover pictures from my water damaged iPhone 6, the phone will not turn on!

My iPhone 6s has sustained water damage. I’ve replaced the screen, but it did not help. I want to be able to access the photos off of the phone because iCloud won’t do it for some reason. How much will this cost? Also I can’t be contacted through my phone number.

Iphone 6, bent and cracked screen, no response when plugged into computer, doesn’t seem to be powered on. Would like photos and notes from the SSD if possible?

My iphone 7 plus is stuck on the apple logo. i tried to force shutdown and restart, its still stuck on the logo.
i need the datas in the phone.

My iphone 5 got stuck in boot loop and showed the ‘restore with iTunes’ symbol. When I connected it to iTunes there was the option to update to iOS 10.3.3 or restore so I chose to update. The update initialised for some time then error 26 popped up indicating the update could not be completed. The only option now available was to restore. But I did not restore as I do not have a back-up of the data on my phone. Please will you be able to retrieve the data off my phone?

Data recovery on phones costs around £200 – £400. Sometimes it won’t be possible to recover the files, sometimes it will. It all depends on what happened to the phone and it’s data when it broke.

Computer crime and forensic data recovery

computer (cyber) crimeComputer crime, otherwise known as cybercrime (see here for definition) accounts for a large amount of illegal activity. My laptop was working fine up until quite recently when it was snatched in a robbery. The police were able to recover the laptop for me but when I switched it on, it froze and I turned it off and was getting an error messaging saying ‘Operating system not found’. I had it checked by a local computer company and they say it’s the hard drive that has failed and they can’t fix it. I’ve had the laptop repaired with a new hard drive installed so I can use it again, but if possible I would like to recover as much of the data from the old hard drive as possible – family photos, company accounts (I run a small business) and other information accumulated over the years. It’s a Sony Vaio laptop, and because the computer was damaged during a robbery attempt, I’d like the data recovered using forensic methods so that the crime can be prosecuted at a later date.

I’m seeking to retrieve data (texts/photos/ contacts from my Samsung A3 (still under warranty) that was stolen. I want to avoid getting it all wiped in order to restore access to the computer phone, but I want to prosecute the people responsible for stealing the crime. I’m therefore looking to recover the data so that any submissions required to a legal court are handled in the proper manner. Problem arose when I was suddenly unable to get into it: the device claims (wrongly) that the password I used to open it was incorrect. Visiting Samsung support service at Wembley today; I was told all they could do meant wiping all data; I was advised to look on the internet for a data retrieval service. I can bring phone to a data recovery company on Lombard St. in London to forensically retrieve the data. Phone became slow lately in showing body of new emails – maybe insufficient space?

Mortgage Broker in Manchester – help and advice

I wonder if you can help? – We are a mortgage broker in Manchester and have a Seagate External Hard Drive. The port where the cable plugs in has broken, the bit from the hard drive is actually stuck to the cable. Drive will start up if you hold the cable into the port but connection does not last. how much is it to either to get the port replaced or get all the data downloaded from the hard drive? Please tell me details of you data recovery services.

Was dropped few times. Now makes occasional high-pitched beep noise. The mac can’t read the hard-drive at all. The hard drive contains information about mortgage advice and our brokering details throughout Manchester. Although we work right across the Greater Manchester area we are based in Swinton and Didsbury. We want to especially recover the information about remortgaging and buy to let arrangements as we are moving house.

More details about the hard drive:

The little bit of the hardrive that you use to put the lead in to plug into the computer was getting very loose and the lead had to be held at a certain angle to work but then just stopped working- so now I can’t connect in to my laptop via the lead, us there anyway I could still revive the data?

I hope you can help me. My external hard drive (we are located in Manchester) is failing, my laptop is unable to read it by all means. I tried in a different computer and nothing. I have very valuable (mortgage broker) information in it and I was wondering if you can do something to recover it? Any advice would be very much appreciated as I don’t know what to do.

I hope you can help / offer advice? You can contact the us (the Manchester mortgage brokering team) on 0161 706 0242