Data Recovery on NAS requested

Synology logoThe following 3 NAS data loss problems are best addressed by links to these two previous posts: and

My Synology DS1813+ NAS (data sheet here) is showing that I have a volume crash and that it is unable to use the volume. I am unable to back up the data as there is 25TB+ across 8 different sized disks and I don’t have anything that will hold that much – also I have no idea how I would back up the data even if I could. I don’t mind losing some data but I’d like to salvage as much as possible as this includes a lot of both personal and business files collected over several years – is this doable or have I lost everything?
I had recently removed and replaced a 2TB disk with a new 8TB disk and the NAS was going through the repair process. At about 20% my property had a power cut that turned the NAS off mid-process. When I powered it back on the beeping started and after the NAS went through a checking process a message appeared stating “Unable to use this volume. The data in the volume may be crashed. Please try to back up the data before removing the volume.“. I’ve tried rebooting the NAS but this hasn’t helped.

My external NAS hard drive was dropped today from approx 3ft. It’s a 2x2Tb WD passport ultra. Initially my computer allowed me to access the data once, but has not allowed me to since. My laptop will recognise that something is plugged into the USB port but will not let me access it. When I do, it gives “I/O device error” message. Occasionally, once in the 10mins I had the drive plugged in, it made a beep noise. It does also take a while for the laptop to recognise that the drive is connected.

I have two external NAS hard drives that do not appear on my Computer when they are plugged in. It’s been years since I tried, but I know there are documents there. Movies, pictures, sound effects, etc. one is 1tb, the other is 2tb.

Data Recovery from Lightroom

This hard-drive failed a coupe of years ago when running Lightroom, and was making a ticking sound. I had it looked at at the time by Data Recovery Tips [] who were excellent and said the sound is caused by the heads moving back and forward from each extreme in attempt to read the data from the disk and felt that this was because the heads have degraded. At the time I couldn’t afford the recovery but would now like to have this recovered. Could you please provide a quote? Do you do no recovery no fee?


I’m having issues with a 2TB seagate 2.5 inch external drive. I recently had to move the drive into a new enclosure as the USB connection on the original Seagate case had failed. This replacement case worked for a good month or two however I’ve been having issues accessing the drive properly recently. Initially it would unmount itself randomly, however this soon progressed to not mounting at all. Then it became incredibly slow/unreadable by my Mac. I primarily use the drive for photo storage and it contains my Lightroom catalog data and backups. The vast majority of my recent work is on there. I have tried several times to check the drive with Apple disk utility but it either un-mounts or fails to be read. I have also tried copying data to a new drive but it will unmount before it can finish the transfer. It doesn’t appear to be making any strange noises and to my knowledge it has not been dropped. Wondering if you could give me a rough estimate for a repair? Or if I’m better to bring it in for appraisal and if there is a cost associated with this?

Hard drive has died (clicking) and I need important documents from it for my master’s thesis

Have tried to retrieve data from external drive today and got error message on two laptops – drive structure is corrupted, unable to read data. The laptops both see the drive, it appears in File Explorer, but them messages comes up when you click to access. Need to retrieve my Adobe Lightroom files.

I have a power connection problem with my hard drive (possibly a shorted diode). Its an old model with its own power supply. I would ideally like it repaired but would also be interested in a quote to just recover the data.
Please now contact via email as I will be in the office and unable to answer calls.

Believe the hard drive has been dropped – making a ticking noise.

Recovering Hard Drive Data

Two disks part of Seagate Business NAS (2-disk array) in RAID1. One disk does 2 “beeping” sounds and then stops spinning and is therefore inaccessible. A technician friend thought the head could be stuck and opened the drive to check, but this wasn’t the case. The other disk sounds fine but has several I/O errors making data recovery impossible (tried with ddrecover, extremely slow and finally process aborted). I fortunately got it recovered by the technical wizards at Datlabs (url:, but now I also have these drives that need recovering:

Hard drive recoveryI have a 500GB Maxtor external hard drive which has failed to load. It’s been in my drawer for about a year and when I brought it out it would not work. You can hear the disk spinning but nothing else happens

Connected samsung external 500gb hard drive, lights flashing but no connection, can hear some strange sound from hard drive. Transferring video files from drive succesfully. Drive then failed to recognised the files on the drive. Drive stopped working.

WD Elements, about 3 years old. Medium use, no knocks I’m aware of. Flashing light, normal sounds, not able to access from any PC I’ve tried. Identified as “local disc” on Explorer, but not able to open.

Dropped an external Seagate hard drive (G Drive 1 TB) on hard floor. When plugged in it makes a loud buzzing sound and does not show up on computer screen. Is there anything that can be done to recover files ?

I have a problem with a Western Digital 1TB drive, I think the board or maybe the disk heads are dead because it spins and after about 5 seconds there is a slight click noise (click of death maybe?). When attached to the ubs port (windows, mac, and linux) the OS recognize that it is plugged in and some times it even shows me the mounted drive, but I cannot enter to see the files. I wonder how much would you charge me to recover the files.

Connection on my toshiba dtb305 ( has broken off and will not connect. Not too bothered about the hard drive but would like to recover the data on it. Can you please provide a price for data recovery?

Drink Spilt on Laptop – Help

spilt drink on laptop need data recoveryI spilled a can of fizzy drinks on my laptop earlier today, my screen turned of and my laptop made a bussing noise so I quickly turned it off but didn’t remove the battery. About an hour later I took out the hard disk and the battery, the hard disk was wet so I wiped it down gently and put it aside to dry. I then turned my laptop upside down. A few hours later, I attempted to turn on my laptop. The laptop turns on, the power light and ventilation switch on , and the disc slot makes an occasional clicking sound, apart from this there is no noise and the screen does not turn on. I am worried that my hard disk is either stuck or fried. I really don’t want to lose the files on my hard disc, can you help ?

I have a pretty damaged micro sd card with an adaptar with some videos i have made on my honeymoon that i do not want to lose at all.
would you be able to have a look at this one?
how much it usually cost?
do i need to book? the closest to me would be chiswick

I have a sandisk USB 8gb flash drive which I used to store documents on for our local volunteer club as well as my own personal spreadsheets and letters etc.
I had asked another company to look at it but they couldn’t recover anything, looks like it’s been knocked whilst plugged into main pc and now shows as unrecognised item. would you be able to find a way to get back my files?
I can be best reached by email. As am in my work between 10-6pm and mobiles not welcome there.

Whenever water or a drink is spilt on a laptop it is usually spells trouble of an electrical fault on the hard drive. How easy is it to recover data from spillages on computer hard drives? The answer is easier that it is to recover data from mechanical faults. Find yourself a data recovery company – they will be able to help. How do you find a data recovery company? just look through the pages of this blog 🙂

HDD and Nas data recovery required

I spoke with one of your team earlier this week re data recovery from my 3 TB seagate nas drive? (as described at I would like to go ahead with this, I understand the cost is likely to be £350 Inc vat plus the cost of a device to transfer the data to. Please can you email me re details of your collection service I live in Perth?

My WD MyBook external harddrive is no longer being recognised by my pc. It comes on for a few momments and then stops. Could you tell me how it would cost to repair the drive and/or recover the files that are on it ?

The motherboard of my USB hdd is broken

Dell inspiron, windows 7 laptop started overheating and turning off. Started beeping inside and only would load dell logo but couldn’t get to windows, a friend has tried accessing my data and failed.

Verbatim hdd

Device Type:Verbatim 53010 500GB USB 2.0 – 2.5 inch
I tried several cables to connect, but it couldn’t be read. I am not quite sure whether it’s just the problem of the female port. Or the disk has broken. The data stored on the disk is really important. So I don’t want any damage to it.
1. How much it costs to recover?
2. How long it takes to recover?
3. Do you collect and deliver the device?

QNAP TS-EC880U-RP lost all configuration following power cycle.
Can access NAS via Qfinder and SSH/TELNET – disks look OK, but config data gone.
Flashed firmware/DOM and upgraded to latest version (4.3.3) – no joy.
MDADM indicates NAS currently thinks is has a 24 disk RAID1 array
In reality, this is a 8 bay rackmount and was running 2 RAID5 arrays (4 disks in each)
Disks are WD RED NAS models (4x3TB + 4x4TB)

WD My Passport Ultra 3TB External HDD USB 3.0
Hard Drive was dropped during use. When powered the HDD clicks and spins down.
The HDD was assessed by a different data recovery company (within a clean lab) and has damaged read/write heads. I’d like a quote on the repair of my HDD or Recovery of all Data.

I’ve got a seagate hard drive that has stopped working. I have contacted seagate and said that it has been broken. It’s a NAS and I need data recovery.

My Toshiba 1TB external hard drive is showing the “format disc” message when booting up. I need to get my files off it. There is about 39GB of data on it. How much is this likely to cost and how long does the procedure take?

Hard drive just stopped working after 2 years service. Now not recogniseable in bios. Drive still spins.. Looking for a quote to repair if possible. Seagate barracuda 2tb 3.5 drive.

My hard drive dropped and since then it hasn’t been able to read on my mac, it is making a wild noise. How can this be resolved? I have a lot of data back up on it

Mobile and Deleted Data

Mobile won’t turn on. Over previous 10 days or so, it has been restarting on its own! Last Wednesday the bluish light, left hand top, stayed on and wouldn’t turn off. Finally went off when battery ran out [1.5 days later] and hasn’t been able to turn on since 14 April. Can I get it turned on/working so I can retrieve my pics and info? Mobile is still within warranty. I have spoken with Samsung support services in Manchester dept and have tried to restart, pressing volume, main button and power on button, but to no avail.

deleted dataI have been using an external hard drive as a time machine back up. The backups were accidentally deleted from the hard drive (still visible in the trash can of my laptop) but were unable to be restored. The external hard drive was deleted on disk utility so it could be used as a normal storage device but the backups in the trash can also disappeared. Is there any way the data can be recovered either from the original external hard drive or laptop trash can?

Smashed case and maybe damaged inside. The internal ciruit is exposed. Making funny noise when usb connected and also unrecognised when usb connected. Please save files to another hard drive if possible?

Damaged (smashed so as circuit exposed) and not recognising via usb also funny noises. Can data be recovered from it? Its a WD external hard drive..

Seagate Laptop Thin SSHD failed in a Dell laptop. The laptop had been on for months but when shut down and moved it failed on the next boot. Dell diagnostics show no drive installed and when placing the drive in a caddy the drive didn’t appear to spin up.

Plugged into laptop makes the device found notification then drive starts up then after 3-5 seconds cuts out and device unplugged notification comes up on laptop

I have a iPhone 5s which I haven’t back up for a year. Unfortunately it’s stopped booting. I can get it into recovery and DFU mode. Using iTunes I tried to update (not restore as I don’t want to lose data).
iTunes update errors with unknown error (-1). Looking at the iTunes log for the update it indicates the data volume is still intact. Searching on the internet indicates possibly a bad baseband chip or NAND chip could give this error. Is this something you could revive?

I have a Samsung Note 5 which stopped accepting my password and just kept rebooting so I had to run the Facotry Reset which wiped out all my data , including pictures and videos. The phone memory was encrypted in order to be able to access my work emails.
Are you able to recover the pictures and videos? If so, how long would it take and how much will it cost?

I would like to understand if you can recover data from a water damaged Samsung galaxy s6 phone and what the price would be?