iPhoto and Logic Pro Data Recovery

Recovery of iPhoto Data

iPhoto iconI dropped my hard drive and it’s now making a regular buzzing sound and not appearing on desktop. Use Mac. Has all of my photos on it in iPhoto.
I plugged my fully functional iphoto library into my computer a few days ago and it stopped working. It now just shows a black screen and white apple logo. I desperately want to recover the iphotos and imessage history, particularly as it has the photos of me handing in my phd on it. Are you able to help? The apple shop said they couldn’t do anything.

I would like to recover everything from 2 Samsung smart phones. All present and deleted

Drive not booting, it is clicking! I’d like to recover the data if possible (iphotos and family history work). Can you help? How much might this be?

I was hoping you could provide me with a quote to recover data from what seems to be a dead Seagate Expansion Portable Drive (Model:SRD0NF1).

Hard drive containing iPhotos hums and vibrates lightly but won’t appear on Macbook screen. I need to recover the iPhoto data.

iPhone stuck on apple logo, I wish to recover pictures.

Buffalo ls-wvl/r1 having formatting error. How much to recover the data?

Is it possible to retrieve iphotos from a locked iPhone 4s. I cannot remember the passcode for this phone and haven’t used it for 4 years.

Logic Pro Data Recovery

Logic Pro screenI have a older Mac Pro I had wood flooring put down in my home the dust has seemed to ruin my most important hard drive, I have very important Logic Pro files I need to recover and family photos and video of late family member can you help at a good and sensible price please.

I dropped my hard drive this morning and is now not reading on my laptop or Mac desktop. It is still powering on and there is movement in the hard drive as I can hear it but just isn’t reading on any device. The hard drive has lots of data on it but the most important data I want to extract are my LogicPro music files. Do you think you can recover the data?

Laptop accident – hard drive not discoverable on Sata drive USB dock. I want to recover my Logic Pro files and folders.