Hard Drives / Phones not Working

This article is about hard drives and mobile phones that are not longer working but require the data recovering from them. There are also some enquiries relating to forensic data recovery, where digital information is retrieved in a specific way that adheres to legal procedures.

  • I believe I have damaged the port for my Toshiba Canvio. will only receive power if the port is placed on a angle.
  • I have deactivated the power supply by plugging in an incorrect cable to the external hard drive. Want to get access the the photos on there.
  • Drive spins up but no arm movement can be heard. Clicked a couple of times a week or so ago but computer still worked. Now can’t find media.
  • Drive was dropped and now clicking. Can not access anything on the drive. Drive is a WD20EZRX (WD Green 2.0TB 3.5 Drive)
  • WD My Passport 1TB (2010) is not being recognised by MacBook anymore.
  • I have an iMac where one account’s data has accidentally been deleted, that I need to be recovered.
  • My mums external hard drive stopped working and started making a clicking noise. My stepdad sent it off to a place in Wales where they swapped out various components and declared it irrecoverable, but the company has very bad reviews.I still have the original drive so would it be possible to get it evaluated to see if all data truly is lost?
  • I have a portable hard drive that has stopped working, I believe it is a solid state / usb type. Is this something you would be able to fix? I am looking for a forensic data recovery service as the information is to be used legally.
  • I have a 4TB external drive (portable) that does not properly start up and that does not ever sem to completely map out. The high level folders appear but nothing underneath (photo’s, music, documents, movles). I would like this disk to be forensically restored and useable again if possible with minimal loss of data.
  • My SD card is sadly no longer being read by my MacBook Pro. It has some pretty precious data and wondered if you could have a look at it please?
  • My External HDD can not read anything on my computer, not even displaying but the power indicator once plugged in it’s on. i think it has been dropped and broken. I want to recover all of my data ASAP.
  • TOSHIBA 500 HDD. Whirring heard before crash (This customer is based in channel islands and will send to us direct)
  • Harddrive not reading and making a bleeping sound every few seconds
  • I would like to see if you could help. I am involved in a legal case where my xperia z5 compact was broken at work.. the phone works but the screen is totally unresponsive and as it has a swipe pattern and fingerprint I am unable to open it to access my contacts and saved data, I have tried a few methods but as the usb port is so far gone the cable always falls out so it’s essentially impossible. I would like to know if you are able to get into it to forensically retrieve contacts/data/files and if so how much that would cost.
  • How much would you charge to recover photographs from an unresponsive Nokia 625?
  • Lost Photos
  • Phone = Huawei Mate 20 pro