Drive not responding in Liverpool and London

I had a RAID 1 (mirror) with 2 x 2TB drives.
One of these drives (A) was accidentally taken away and some of the files deleted, this was then put back into the computer and it was hoped the files still on drive B would be restored to A.
However it seems the computer instead proceeded to update B by starting to delete files? Im not sure if this bit is true?
This update process was stopped by powering off after about 2 minutes, so it is hoped most of the missing files are still on drive B. The drive B no longer boots, drive A still boots its original OS (Fedora 20) but the deleted files on there cannot be recovered. Using a system rescue CD no other data was found.
Do you think there is a chance of getting the data, can you do it, and how much will it cost including postage (liverpool) and I’m considering using Datlabs data recovery, to restore my files.

lots of hard drives

I have a 500GB Xenta External Hard Drive that has been dropped from table height. It powers up but is not discoverable on a pc. It makes a clicking sound every 5-10 seconds which I believe to be the arm on the hard drive. I would like some information on how much it would cost to recover data from this drive and the time scale of which this would take.
Due to work operation times I can only be contacted on the email address provided above

Whilst on the subject of Datlabs, I need data recovery myself: My Lacie external hard drive (500MB) was working ok early on Saturday morning, then when returning to take some music files off to burn on CD, it just starting to make a clicking noise repeatedly & then what seems like a scratching noise and a small beeping, and would not show up as a plugged icon my laptop, Windows did show a message stating this USB could not connect to the computer. the light on the front comes on and i need to recover the data. I’m in Liverpool, near Exchange Flags.

This, 500GB Western Digital Hard Drive has failed. We need to retrieve as much of the data (documents) as possible. It spins but clicks and does not read data. Has not been dropped or submerged. Mechanical/Laser failure?
Tameem at UCL IT recommended you on London. They are not willing to open the drive to check workings.

I have a damaged flash drive and was wondering if you would be able to fix it and recover the data on it?
How much would it cost and how long would it take?
I am based close to King’s cross and Russell square.

Hard drive was dropped then suffer from high electrical power .
Data Recovery needed fixing the hard drive not necessarily.


Drives not showing up

“My toshiba external drive is making a ticking noise and wont load up.”

When it comes to needing assistance getting the data from hard drives that are no longer showing up I’d like to point readers to most of the posts in this blog. Here are some of the newest enquiries.

Sandisk not working
I have a SanDisk Ultra 16GB SD card which just stopped working in camera whilst on holiday. It’s not physically damaged but is not recognised when inserted into camera or laptop. It has around 1500 photos on it and have just tried a local computer shop who tried a recovery program without success. I wonder if this is something you can help me with.

hard drive

Laptop drive not showing up
I sent off the laptop to Kroll data recovery and they have charged my £599 for just pure recovery plus add ons, the apparent problem with my laptop is media corruption they have said they can recover around 70-90% of the data on there. The laptop is a Hitachi make. The drive is a Hitachi 1TB 3.5″ HDD drive (It has been opened). It is making a Click, Click, Beep noise repeatedly. The data on the drive that we would like to recover is Photographs and that is about all, anything else would be a bonus although none of it is critical our budget is about £100.

External HDD was dropped. Makes a whirring and scratching noise. I opened up the external hdd but the arms were in te rigt position. Can you give me a rough idea of how much it would cost to retrieve our data, if it is possible. Has a lot of music, photos and documents we need. I am outside the UK, in Italy, at the moment but move back to UK permanently in September.

I need a donor back plate board to get my drive up and running, mine is burnt out I believe.
Hard Drive is:
Western Digital
WD3200BEVT-00ZCT0 (320GB)
Board number:
2060-701499-000 REV A