HDD and Nas data recovery required

I spoke with one of your team earlier this week re data recovery from my 3 TB seagate nas drive? (as described at http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/nas-data-recovery/). I would like to go ahead with this, I understand the cost is likely to be £350 Inc vat plus the cost of a device to transfer the data to. Please can you email me re details of your collection service I live in Perth?

My WD MyBook external harddrive is no longer being recognised by my pc. It comes on for a few momments and then stops. Could you tell me how it would cost to repair the drive and/or recover the files that are on it ?

The motherboard of my USB hdd is broken

Dell inspiron, windows 7 laptop started overheating and turning off. Started beeping inside and only would load dell logo but couldn’t get to windows, a friend has tried accessing my data and failed.

Verbatim hdd

Device Type:Verbatim 53010 500GB USB 2.0 – 2.5 inch
I tried several cables to connect, but it couldn’t be read. I am not quite sure whether it’s just the problem of the female port. Or the disk has broken. The data stored on the disk is really important. So I don’t want any damage to it.
1. How much it costs to recover?
2. How long it takes to recover?
3. Do you collect and deliver the device?

QNAP TS-EC880U-RP lost all configuration following power cycle.
Can access NAS via Qfinder and SSH/TELNET – disks look OK, but config data gone.
Flashed firmware/DOM and upgraded to latest version (4.3.3) – no joy.
MDADM indicates NAS currently thinks is has a 24 disk RAID1 array
In reality, this is a 8 bay rackmount and was running 2 RAID5 arrays (4 disks in each)
Disks are WD RED NAS models (4x3TB + 4x4TB)

WD My Passport Ultra 3TB External HDD USB 3.0
Hard Drive was dropped during use. When powered the HDD clicks and spins down.
The HDD was assessed by a different data recovery company (within a clean lab) and has damaged read/write heads. I’d like a quote on the repair of my HDD or Recovery of all Data.

I’ve got a seagate hard drive that has stopped working. I have contacted seagate and said that it has been broken. It’s a NAS and I need data recovery.

My Toshiba 1TB external hard drive is showing the “format disc” message when booting up. I need to get my files off it. There is about 39GB of data on it. How much is this likely to cost and how long does the procedure take?

Hard drive just stopped working after 2 years service. Now not recogniseable in bios. Drive still spins.. Looking for a quote to repair if possible. Seagate barracuda 2tb 3.5 drive.

My hard drive dropped and since then it hasn’t been able to read on my mac, it is making a wild noise. How can this be resolved? I have a lot of data back up on it


Mac Hard Drives not mounting

I have a apple mac air laptop and i used to have mountain lion OS and i just downloaded the newer sierra OS which i don’t like and i tried to factory reinstall the OS back to mountain lion,and apple said my internet speed isn’t strong enough to for me to do it as i tried and it keeps falling and i they said to bring it in.Could you do it and how much will it cost and could it be done while i waited?.

External Hard drive stop working after I plug the wrong adapter. The drive is not spinning and is making no noise. I tried another external hard drive interface, hoping the USD/SATA interface of the external hard drive was to blamed, but no luck.

Disk can’t mount (MacOS 10.12.4)
Running Disk Utility:
Catalog File shows an incorrect Block Count for file tmp.spotlight.state
The disk can’t be repaired
Disk: WD MyPassportStudio 2TB Firewire & USB version

I own a 1TB external USB hard drive from Western digital, which has failed recently. After connecting it into the computer, it keeps spinning without getting recognized as a USB Mass storage device on the computer. I was lucky to have the drive detected just once, where it sent me an error message regarding an error with the i/o device and denied me an access to the contents. Having experienced this issue after multiple attempts, I believe a data recovery might be required. Can you please assist me with the same ?

new macIt is a 2009 iMac – the hardrive has now failed (due to age and use). Apple have confirmed this.
We have photo’s and possibly music/films we would love to recover if this is possible?
It would be great to know a cost for this also.

I deleted a folder from my back up drive into recycle bin, then emptied recycle bin.
I’d like to recover folder

Laptop not powering up, had had problems with not charging for a few weeks. Removed HDD (wd500LPVX) and put it in an external enclosure which I know works. It is not recognised by two separate PCs. The disc spins but does not click, looking at it with disk managment software it says it is a GDT disc. Can you recover the data for me?

External hard drive dropped, has been clicking when staring up two basic computer shops said can’t fix it, have opens it up and the bottom head is damaged.
It is a western digital hard drive, 2tb but was only about 1/4 full of photos etc, will you be able to recover the data and if so what would be the rough cost?

Failed HDD Problems

Here are a collection of questions I’ve been sent recently and links to answers I have found.

Hi there I’ve got a Freecom Classic SL 250GB Drive which has recently failed and is making clicking sounds when its booted up.
I don’t suppose you have a rough quote of how much this would cost to repair, if repair was possible?

Dell Inspiron N5030 hard drive failure, 320GB.
Many years old, 15,000 hours according to diagnostics by a company.
I would like data recovery on files please.
Was quoted £130 by a company.
How much would this be?

I have lost access to the data on my laptop hard drive (Seagate 750GB) and I would like to recover all data on it. Please could you tell me the price for standard recover data.

Hi my 500GB harddrive has failed. On turning on the machine the hardrive makes a clicking sound but windows will not load. In system Bios the harddrive does not appear. I am based in Darlington and obviously you are not far away. Is there any idea of the cost involved and how long it would take? How would you send any data recovered?

Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB Drive. ZFS Filesystem.
Disk appears to spin up ok, no strange sounds. Although it’s ZFS it’s the only disk in the pool, which is why this is a problem. When the computer, or any computer with the disk in starts, POST fails when looking at AHCI port#0 31000ms timeout. I would prefer email communication, because of University.

I have a Samsung hard drive that I’ve been backing my photographs up on. However, I’ve tried various computers and a different lead and the device doesn’t seem to be recognised.