Data Rescue Harrow

I have external Western Digital 500GB
2.5″ clicking hard drive. Opened back to see if it was stuck armature. Wasnt so immediatlely replaced back. Tried replacing USB circuit board. Still no joy.
Drive not appearing on computer.

Drive WD my passport ultra,
Doest mount but appear is Disk Utility (mac) cannot have it repaired>
Data Rescue 3 can access but with the message “slow read” try to clone it but it failed

I have an external hard drive, which is about 7/8 years old. On it are photos and music , but now I can see power light but when I connect to the laptop it will not recognise it and I can’t retrieve the photo’s.
I am based in Harrow.

PC wouldn’t boot. Firstly with diagnosing pc message then about 8 hours I was given option to either system restore or refresh both methods failed. After a few attempts during the week the pc could no longer find anything to boot from. Have connected WD blue 1TB to another pc via sata to usb lead and that pc fails to pick it up? I had just updated my amd drivers when problems started.

HD Passport in Harrow is not allowing me to access my data at all. I can see there is data there but not able to open it at all.
Just get a message it is unreadable on this computer, no matter what computer I am using.

Dropped my laptop now the hard drive doesn’t work. Computer turns on and error messages still work fine but drive makes a click sound. I would like to retrieve only 2 word documents of approx. 30 pages only (with no pictures). Please could you quote for doing this?

PC failed to start, it is an old PC with a Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 Hard drive, it was running windows 7. It would be helpful if I could rescue my files from the drive to install on my replacement PC

Portable hard drive not working/not recognised by the laptop.
It does make a noise, as if the motor is working, but is not recognised by the laptop. I definetly need to rescue the data on the laptop.

Seagate 4tb external harddrive stopped working after few months of use. Model nr. SRD0NF1. It doesn’t appear in “My computer”, but it appears in device manager. I’ve tried to reinstall it, scan it with RC and EaseUS recovery programms – no luck.

When I connect my external Hd to pc or laptops it vibrants buy not showing up in on screen. I gave it to one mechine , he said it hard drive’s green plate got problem and not showing up on pc or laptops and in disk management it’s only showing not media.
M in deep sadness coz of my memories were there in my hard disk