Data Recovery: WD Elements and Seagate Hard Drives

WD Elements Data Recovery

I have a WD Elements 2TB external hd that just stopped working. I opened it since I saw in some vlogs that my PCB might be broken, and so it is by the part where you insert the cord.
WD Element 2TB
Can it still be fixed? Can I just a new WD Elements 2TB and replaced the broken one?
Is there any way that could recover my files (pics and videos).
How much would it be and what to do if ever?

WD Elements hard drive

I have a WD My Passport External Hard Drive on which I transferred a lot of photos and files on to a while ago from my Desktop PC. Recently I tried to access the Hard Drive via my Laptop but nothing happens. All I get is a whirring sound from the External Drive together with a loud “clicking” noise. I am based in Kent and I would like to access the files and photos and was wondering whether you would be able to investigate the problem with my External Drive.

Seagate 2TB HDD recovery

I have a Seagate 2TB HDD (Seagate ST2000DM001) that suddenty stopped working one day to the next.
The symptoms are, starts spinning up on PC boot, 2 clicks, then stops spinning and doesn’t resume.
HDD not visible in bios or device manager. I’m located in Reading near Kent.
Data is important to me so would like to enquire on possibility of recovery.
Most important is my Pictures folder with years of travel snaps.
A folder called Cordova in Documents which is my work webdev folder for apps
and a folder called Creative Animal in Documents with all my company work sources files.


I have a solid-state hard disk drive which is no longer functioning. It is a Samsung PM851 mSATA 256 GB. I think there may be some physical defect preventing correct operation, is this the sort of thing that you would be able to deal with? I would be interested in receiving a list of directories and files found to see what can be recovered.

Lost photos

I lost all my photos, years of memories everything was on the computer. I had a repairman look at it he fixed the computer and put a new hard drive in but he said he was unable to fix it however a specialist might be able to. Obviously there’s thousands of photos on the hard drive so I don’t know if they will all be there. I have no idea how it broke. Something my little brother did, but it lost a everything. The hard drive is out of the computer and ready to be seen by a specialist.


Data Recovery on Seagate ST5000DM000 hard drive in London

I have a Seagate ST5000DM000 5TB SATA Hard Disk Drive which I dropped. I made all the usual mistakes – switched it on and off a couple of times, then watched a couple of videos and opened it up to have a look. Needless to say, it doesn’t work. I bought a similar replacement drive and used its head stack to replace the head stack from the dropped drive (the original heads having been damaged in the original drop/crash).That obviously didn’t fix it. I put the transferred heads back into the replacement drive, hoping that it would still work – it doesn’t. I’m looking for a Data recovery clinic in London – I believe there is one at 68 Lombard Street, phone 0207 111 0964

Seagate ST5000DM000 hard drive

So I am now left with two non-functioning Seagate ST5000DM000 drives – the original (without heads) with the data that I would like to recover, and the replacement, with (nominally) undamaged heads and an empty set of platters, that can no longer be read. The dropped drive is formatted for Mac OS X. It contains principally photo and video files, and from memory it contains between 3TB and 4TB of files.

Two questions. Is there a possibility that the data is recoverable? And the obvious question – If I take it to the clinic at Lombard Street London how much will it cost to recover the data?

My Seagate ST5000DM000 is corrupted. Was told by another technician:
Inaccessible partition / volume
Hard disk drive have failed
Read write heads are bad
Chances of data recovery are poor
Donor parts needed.

SCSI / Tape and old Seagate HDD recovery

I’d like to get a quote to get an SCA UltraSCSI3 300GB drive imaged. The drive is fine however the server it was in has blown power and I have no other devices capable of interfacing with an SCA backplane. If you could give me an idea of a cost and timescale (for your City location) that’d be great.

old computer equipment

The hard drive suddenly started making clicking noises, and the computer shut down at that moment.
After I took the hard drive out of the tower, then replaced and reconnected it, and switched on the computer, there was a loud pop. And the power supply emitted a smell of smoke.

500GB SATA HDD from a Dell laptop failed and no longer boots.

Acer laptop Window 7 approx 6 year old showing error 0xc00000e9. I/O error.
I have tried Alt + F10 key but files fail to load.

It has spinning problems and not detected. I was wondering how much would it cost for a data recovery please?

I need a donor drive according to the specification below.
The reading head No. 0 has completely resigned
Can you have one?

Site TK
PN 1CH164-572
Date 13175

Hi my USB is not being recognised by any computer, I really need some of the work that is on there as I am a final year student at university! Was just wondering if you could get back to me on taking a look at it and how much it will be around if you could get my work back!

I have a DC6150 Data Cartridge tape and it´s necessary to extract the information and convert to a usb memory.

WD Samsung and Seagate

oh dearWD Woes
Manufacturer: WD
I dropped a heavy speakers on my hard drive which is (WD My Passport 1TB) and it is giving a sawtooth wave sound for 3 seconds and stops. I have very important data I want to recover, so, can I please know what is the procedure in order to do so. Drive is located in London, near Kings Cross station.

My western digital external drive power jack has broken and need to get data off it and onto new drive. no standard caddy will fit I don’t think. I also have an old WD 120 gb HDD cant retrieve data since i accidentally broke seal

My external Hard Drive (WD Elements) fell down and is now making ticking sounds. Therefore I need to attempt a recovery of my files. I can come to London if necessary

Samsung SSD Data Recovery
I think the disk is about a 512 Gb SSD.
Samsung portable hard drive, data is no longer accessible. Tried data recovery software to no avail. Needs the drive removing and putting in a new unit.

Seagate and Samsung external drives containing video files. Drive fell off desk and now won’t show up on Mac desktop and makes a slight beeping sound.

2 x DLT tape backup made using HP-UX fbackup V10.2. Want to recover to USB encrypted hard drive (we can supply)

We have a hard drive that we cannot access. This has happened after a power failure. We have software on the drive that we use daily.
The drive is a Seagate ST340015A.

i have deleted photos from my samsung phone. They were on an external hard drive. Can u please help?

Recovering Hard Drive Data

Two disks part of Seagate Business NAS (2-disk array) in RAID1. One disk does 2 “beeping” sounds and then stops spinning and is therefore inaccessible. A technician friend thought the head could be stuck and opened the drive to check, but this wasn’t the case. The other disk sounds fine but has several I/O errors making data recovery impossible (tried with ddrecover, extremely slow and finally process aborted). I fortunately got it recovered by the technical wizards at Datlabs (url:, but now I also have these drives that need recovering:

Hard drive recoveryI have a 500GB Maxtor external hard drive which has failed to load. It’s been in my drawer for about a year and when I brought it out it would not work. You can hear the disk spinning but nothing else happens

Connected samsung external 500gb hard drive, lights flashing but no connection, can hear some strange sound from hard drive. Transferring video files from drive succesfully. Drive then failed to recognised the files on the drive. Drive stopped working.

WD Elements, about 3 years old. Medium use, no knocks I’m aware of. Flashing light, normal sounds, not able to access from any PC I’ve tried. Identified as “local disc” on Explorer, but not able to open.

Dropped an external Seagate hard drive (G Drive 1 TB) on hard floor. When plugged in it makes a loud buzzing sound and does not show up on computer screen. Is there anything that can be done to recover files ?

I have a problem with a Western Digital 1TB drive, I think the board or maybe the disk heads are dead because it spins and after about 5 seconds there is a slight click noise (click of death maybe?). When attached to the ubs port (windows, mac, and linux) the OS recognize that it is plugged in and some times it even shows me the mounted drive, but I cannot enter to see the files. I wonder how much would you charge me to recover the files.

Connection on my toshiba dtb305 ( has broken off and will not connect. Not too bothered about the hard drive but would like to recover the data on it. Can you please provide a price for data recovery?

Tips When Using Early Seagate Portable Hard Drives

When portable laptop (2.5 inch) external hard drives came out about 6 or 7 years ago, I was very kindly sent a complimentary one by Seagate. These first generation Seagate portable drives used a double USB connection as a single USB connection didn’t provide enough power for the drive.

Single to Double USB cable

A double to single USB cable was necessary to correctly power the early portable Seagate hard drives

Inside the external hard drive casing was a Seagate Momentus 5400.6 500GB, model number ST9500325AS. These 5400 RPM drives are by modern standards rather slow, 7200RPM is more the norm is 2015 but the capacity of 500GB is still a popular size. The drive worked fine, it was rather slow as expected but did it’s job. That was until I lost the double USB cable…

I didn’t appreciate that not having the double USB into single USB cable was going to be a big issue but it was. Plugging the drive in with just a single cable resulted in the drive starting to spin but it wouldn’t been detected by the computer for about 15 minutes or so, and during this time the computer constantly kept picking it up and then losing it. This resulted in several worrying errors – particularly when it was connected to my Mac.

A Seagate ST9500325AS hard drive

A Seagate ST9500325AS hard drive

On one occasion the drive was not detected by either my Mac or any windows machine, there was about 300GB of family data on the drive and I began to panic – what if I’d lost the data? With the advice of the friendly staff at Datlabs,, I was able to recover the data from my hard drive, a fortunate outcome for which I am very thankful.

The solution was to remove the ST9500325AS from it’s external case and use it directly as a slave drive. Removing the case meant that I not longer had to connect the drive using the USB cable – instead I could plug the drive in directly using it’s SATA ports. This solved both the power problem and the speed increased significantly too as the USB connection was a slow one.

So if you find yourself using an old external Seagate portable hard drive and you don’t have the double to single USB cable to power it, take it out of it’s case a plug it directly into your computer using the SATA connections – it’ll work a lot better and quicker too.