SSD data recovery

Crucial M500 SSD data recovery

I have a crucial M500 SSD which is not being recognised in the bios anymore. Is it possible to get a fixed price for the repair / recovery? The hard drive is not mounting, looking to recover data

Data recovery Alienware laptop

Mechanical failure in 1tb SSD in Alienware laptop, need mainly image, video and text files needed.
I plugged a Toshiba laptop charger (output 19V) by mistake into my (12 VDC/2.0 A) Seagate external hard drive (9BD862-561). Now I get a green flashing light on it and it won’t work. Can you help?
suffered a hard knock, drive is removed from laptop

Seagate SSD with some sort of failure. Requires to be open for data recovery.
My pc can not recognise my hard drive. I’ve got about 800gb stored on it.
Hard drive connection on Verbatim Store n Go is damaged where lead connects. Files cannot be read anymore, need data recovering.

SSD hard drive recovery

WD SSD Hard Drive beeping and not recognised

I would like to know how much would you charge me for recovering my data from my Western Digital SSD Elements external hard drive?
The power supply was lost, so I bought a replacement one and have seen flashing diode but not constant as it used to be and disc was trying to switch on by making noise but suddenly stopped. I plugged it in again and there is no even flashing diode and drive is not making noise, not trying to power on. I am not sure what happened. Maybe the replacement cable is the right voltage. I have 100-240V 0.7A max 12V power adapter but there is another power adapter on market such as 12v 180-240V 8A. Do you think it matters a lot? If possible I would like you to recovery the data from the hard drive and put it onto an SSD.

SSD not recognised in the bios

I have a Macbook Pro with touch bar & SSD, think its 2018 model but only had 4 weeks. Was using fine for work, had low battery, closed lid, had my lunch break then plugged in charger, made charger connecting noise but screen wouldn’t come on. Took to Apple, they tried new display, didn’t work. Next step is replacing logic board but been told data migration is 50/50 so I would like to know if you would be able to save my data, have all my photos ever on there as well as use it for work.